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GAME DAY: Canucks vs Flames

The Canucks are in a bit of a slump, and there's nothing like the boys losing a few games to bring out the brightest and best of our fanbase. Holiday cheer. Good tidings. Hot takes. Pass the Tylenol.

Derek Leung/Getty Images
Time Saturday 7:00 PM PST
Season Series 1-0 Canucks
Last Meeting
4-2 Canucks Oct 8/14
The Enemy Matchsticks And Gasoline Scoring Leaders D. Sedin: 7-19-26
M. Giordano 9-23-32

18-11-2 SEASON RECORD 17-15-2
38 Points 36
7th Conference Position 9th
Lost 3
Streak Lost 7
2.81 (10)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
2.79 (12)
2.81 (22)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
2.68 (18)
17.4 (18) Power Play % 19.7 (13)
86.4 (4) Penalty Kill % 77.4 (26)
48.7 (21) Faceoff Win % 46.4 (29)
10.3 (17) PIM / GP 8.4 (4)
50.3 (16) Corsi For % 47.5 (25)
99.1 (22) PDO 100.6 (13)

It wasn't long ago that both teams were right at the top of the standings in the West, but with the Canucks winless in their last 5, and Calgary's losing streak hitting 7, things seem a little more where they should actually be for these two teams. And while even when the Canucks were chugging along and cranking wins while people said they really aren't sure what to think of it all, we were all told beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Flames are for real, yo.

Look at the dates of those proclamations. Most of them are on or around Dec 4, after a 4-3 OT win over the powerhouse Colorado Avalanche. Since then? Yeah, it's those 7 straight losses.

And here on the best coast, the usual rational response to the Canucks struggling has been on display...

If you think Boston's going to send that rat-faced lil bastard they so adore for the gap-toothed behemoth (let alone think he's going to be the next Cam Neely) please send all your christmas presents to me so that I can help you during this busy time by doing the wrapping for you. I promise I will have them back to you for Christmas morning.

One of the great things our fanbase does so well, is variations on the classic 'What If...?' game, as in 'What if they didn't trade/ not sign (insert player name here)'...

But the hottest take of all? Tom Sixtito, laying down the law, or something about his lack of playing time, because obviously the Canucks troubles can be traced back to him not being in the lineup.

Here's how it all boils down, folks. The Canucks are cooling off, and will need to make some adjustments. The Flames are regressing to where they actually should be. One of these teams is gonna lose tonight, and it's likely gonna be the Flames because no matter how bad things have gotten for the Canucks, the Flames always seem to serve it up for them.

There is some good news for the Canucks this morning, as Dan Hamhuis was on the ice testing out his knee before the optional practice, and Zack Kassian was in full gear, aiming for a return just after Christmas.


Every year one of my favorite bands, LICH KING, releases a special treat for fans for Lichmas. This year it's an EP featuring some re-recorded tracks from older albums (which had really shitty production) as well as this kickass cover of Van Halen's 'Hot For Teacher'...

Impromptu Drinking Games Rules


- 1 Drink: HNIC panel member still insists the Flames are 'for real'.

- 1 Drink: Don Cherry takes time to extol the virtues of Calgary's truculence.

- 2 Drinks: Bringing up the Torts incident. Again.

- 2 Drinks: Insisting on calling a grown man 'Johnny Hockey'.

- 3 Drinks: Discussion about Ryan Miller's wife, or something...

- 3 drinks: Mason Raymond falls for old time's sake.

Parting thoughts from Drunk Uncle