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Me Grimlock Like Big Hits

I still don't get why this does not warrant a call from NHL Safety HQ:

And this does (including a fine):

I just don't get it. Yea, I do.

It's not about conspiracy theories. There's no vendetta against the Canucks from NHL HQ. There are several interpretations of headshots from the powers that be of course. Do we like them? No. Do we like the top dogs' inconsistencies in managing penalties handed out to offenders? No. Par for the damned course?

So now the NHL has turned into society's method of justice, which is ASS by the way. You know it. There will not be a perfect balance in order here. Move along. No? Can't move along? Well then let's continue.

Ever since concussions have become the "new cool" in the NHL all hell has broken loose. Headshots are penalized more severely (well, mostly) and players that get dinged get sent to a quiet, dark place where they are extensively evaluated to determine their professional future. From scientists:

The adult brain is a three pound organ that basically floats inside the skull. It is surrounded by cerebral spinal fluid, which acts as a shock absorber for minor impacts. When the brain moves rapidly inside the skull, a concussion has technically occurred. One common scenario that can lead to a concussion is a direct blow to the head or a whiplash effect to the body. The impact rapidly accelerates the head, causing the brain to strike the inner skull (i.e., the coup). When the head decelerates and stops its motion, the brain then hits the opposite side of the inner skull (i.e., the contrecoup). The second common scenario is a rotational concussion, in which the head rapidly rotates from one side to another causing shearing and straining of brain tissues. In either case, delicate neural pathways in the brain can become damaged, causing neurological disturbances.


Hey, just for laughs, here is a quote from an American website about concussions:

Concussions are sustained by athletes in many different types of sports including football, soccer, boxing, baseball, softball, basketball, diving, and cheerleading. Sports with a higher incidence of concussions include collision sports like football.

Is it so inhumane for me to give less of a damn about pro athletes sustaining concussions? I get called a neanderthal (or....Zanderhal, haha) for my old-schooled thinking but I stand pat in my thinking. Why in the hell do you give two craps about a professional athlete getting a concussion? I think it's a fair question. Let's take the hero factor out of said athlete's scenario. Separate yourself for a minute. Do these rich athletes give a shit about YOUR concussion issues, or when YOU get hurt? I think a fair answer is: ABOUT AS MUCH AS YOU DO...OR LESS. Less because they are sports heroes and you care more about them than they do about us because they are rich...and stuff. Oooo! Shitty reality, hey? Separate, dammit!

Is your caring based mostly on your sports team of choice losing a key player/factor in your team's ultimate goal?

Is YES the...Yay! You are an old-school minion like me!

If not, and you personally give a crap about said-concussed athlete....

Let me put it this way.....

We are by law supposed to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. By law!!! Failure at it's finest. So...

If the players really give a shit about safety, maybe they should LOCK OUT over the matter, right? But they don't. Because like every other peon on this planet they give more of a shit about money and personal rights and would rather LOCK OUT over THAT instead.

So again, let me ask you: why do you give a shit?

I know many of you detest Don Cherry and that is the current "cool."  But he always said that if the NHL decreased the size (and plastic) of shoulder pads that players would stop using then we could stop viewing Cherry as this:

but has always cared about player safety in its' finest:

Here's the balance, folks. You can't have hitting in hockey without the occasional headshot occurring. There are far too many variables at play. So, we get what Dan Hamhuis said: unquote: "players are afraid to hit."


Because in a game of milliseconds shit happens. There's blatant headhunters and then there are those that want to finish their checks.


Are you ready for a League without hitting? Well you online do-gooders are already getting your say.

Not working out so well is it? Fuck the numbers in attendance.  False bullshit. Please explore other options.

You take away hitting and I'll stop watching. I know that I am not alone. I will be met with fury online however, most hardcore "redneck" fans don't give a shit, and there are a lot of us. We love big hits! We don't want that part of the game erased! It's getting fucking erased, damn it!