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Coup D'Etat In Progress - Canucks at Kings Gamethread

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Canucks visit the Kings, ready to steal the top of the league.

Time to take the standings throne.
Time to take the standings throne.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Game Time: 7:00pm PST

Where To Watch: CBC

In case you're wondering, I did think of this title on the way home from work. I was trying to come up with a Kings related title I haven't used before, and I thought of "coup d'etat". As I thought of it, I realized what tonight could mean in terms of where the Canucks are in the league standings.

Right now, the Ducks have a night off before hosting us tomorrow night. Anaheim is sitting in the league lead at 22 points in 15 games played. Vancouver is next in line before tonight's game, at 20 points in 14 games played. If the Canucks win tonight, we will tie the Ducks at 22 points. Also, as long as our win isn't the shootout, having the ROW advantage would put Vancouver at the top of the league standings. All of this in early November.

Maybe all those damn pundits would finally recognize Vancouver as having a strong start to the season....

Anyways, tonight's game is first. LA will look to shut down our momentum.

Coconuts go!