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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Sharks

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First apex aquatic predator mascot battle of the season. Hide the children.

Bo knows. Tell a friend.
Bo knows. Tell a friend.
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Time Tuesday, 7:30PST
Season Series 0-0
Last Meeting 
2-1 Sharks 11/14/14
The Enemy Fear Das Fin Scoring Leaders

H. Sedin 5-9-14
B. Burns 4-9-13

9-4-0 Season Record 7-4-2
18 Points 16
2nd Conference Position 7th
Won 1
Streak Won 1
3.23 (3rd)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
3.00 (8th)
2.77 (17th)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
2.54 (14th)
20.8 (9th) Power Play % 25.0 (4th)
88.2 (4th) Penalty Kill % 82.5 (13th)
46.9 (27th) Faceoff Win % 50.3 (14th)
11.2 (15th) PIM / GP 13.3 (27th)
32.2 (3rd) Shots For / GP 31.9 (6th)
28.7 (13th) Shots Against / GP 32.2 (24th)
98.79 (23rd) PDO 101.52 (7th)
51.8 (12th) Corsi For % 5v5 48.9 (22nd)

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way:

Miller Wins

Crazy if only because no one gave this roster a snowball's chance in hell to keep pace with the California teams, much less the rest of the Western Conference and yet they there are. Of course they started strong out of the gate last season and look how that turned out. So it's with much interest that we cast an eye towards our opponent tonight, a stacked team that Vancouver hasn't played in damn near a year and a group that spent the last few seasons gleefully curb stomping the Canucks at every turn. Dear sweet christ, did I just agree with Spector?

For the good guys the notable news is Mr. Everything returns from his league-sanctioned vacation. He should return alongside the one time Sharks prospect Bones and the Professor on the smoking hawt second line, meaning someone has to go eat the SAP Center popcorn tonight. Odds are it's Bo Horvat (which means our FO% is about to plummet) but maybe WD throws a curveball and yanks a vet to keep the rookie in after his impressive game in Colorado. Come to think of it, weren't we supposed to goon up for these California teams? Oh nevermind. The D should stay the same and Miller will be looking for win #10. Hamhuis and Tanev will see plenty of Thornton's line tonight, so while Hammer has been struggling as of late, now would be a particularly ideal time for Mr. Shutdown to find his stride.

For the Sharks, it'll be their first game in damn near a week (after a win last Saturday against the Islanders) and will be lugging a 3-0-1 streak with them. They may get Tyler Kennedy back in which case they'll need to clear the space for him. In net the season started with a bit of a crease battle between Antti Niemi and rookie Alex Stalock but, for now, Niemi has won that battle and has been in net during their current streak. Ideally tonight isn't the game where Hertl kicks off that slump of his either.

Fun fact: human dumpster fire John Scott has more goals than Derek Roy, Drew Doughty, Christian Ehrhoff, Brian Gionta, Marian Gaborik and T.J. Oshie. Do with that what you will.

Projected Lines


Sedin - Sedin - Vrbata

Higgins - Bonino - Burrows

Matthias - Vey - Kassian

Dorsett - Richardson - Hansen

Edler - Tanev

Bieksa - Hamhuis

Stanton - Sbisa


San Jose:

Pavelski - Thornton - Nieto

Marleau - Couture - Wingels

Hertl - Tierney - Kennedy

Desjardins - Burish - Goodrow

Vlasic - Braun

Mueller - Burns

Hannan - Demers



Sure, perhaps we could have waited a few days for this specific song, but I think it's a topic both fan bases can get behind.


Since we're shilling locally, might I recommend an Anchor Steam? [Note: I'm dating a nice lady who works for Anchor Steam and I'm pretty sure she'd eviscerate me with a spork if I didn't plug her product. GO DRINK IT. AGAIN AND AGAIN]

Impromptu Drinking Games Rules

- 1 Drink: You have a clear visual on Marleau's unibrow

- 1 Drink: Sbisa does something impressive defensively

- 2 Drinks: There's another on-air struggle for color commentators to understand Corsi

- 2 Drinks: San Jose fans do that terrible hand-chomping thing during a powerplay

- 3 Drinks: Bones hat trick

- CHUG: John Scott eats a puppy

Parting thoughts from Sterling Malory Archer:



Keep guessing folks. When Kent returns from his break, he'll tally the results. Just be patient; life is too short to be holding on to grudges. See?