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GAME DAY PREVIEW: Canucks @ Red Wings

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Well that was a weird one, wasn't it? There was a point in that game where no one would blame you for thinking it would be 0-0 heading to the shootout. Fresh off that 5 goal outburst, the Canucks head into Detroit to take on the Wings at 11 am so they don't interfere with Hamilton winning the Grey Cup at BC Place later in the afternoon.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Time Sunday, 11 AM??? PST
TV City TV
Season Series 0-0
Last Meeting
2-0  Detroit Feb 3/14
The Enemy Winging It In Motown Scoring Leaders H. Sedin: 6-16-22
H. Zetterberg 5-16-21

Red Wings
16-6-1 SEASON RECORD 13-5-5
33 Points 31
1st Conference Position 5th
Won 3
Streak Won 3
3.04 (4)
Goals For Per 60 (GF60)
2.96 (7)
2.61 (16)
Goals Against Per 60 (GA60)
2.39 (10)
17.8 (19) Power Play % 21.5 (8)
85.9 (6) Penalty Kill % 86.8 (4)
48.9 (19) Faceoff Win % 53.6 (2)
10.4 (18) PIM / GP 9.0 (4)
51.0 (12) Corsi For % 52.6 (6)
100.6 (12) PDO 100.7 (9)

Afternoon (yes, I know it starts at 11) hockey is not something we're used to, and seems to be filling me with dread. Why was that again? Oh, right.


Friday's game was far from a classic, but as it went on, it had all the makings of one of those games they might look back on and go 'man, did we ever let that one slip away'. Instead, they scored 5 times in the final 25 minutes. One thing that kind of got lost in all of that, was Nick Bonino having his best game in a while, quietly setting up 3 goals. It's just a little shocking, when you think about last season, and how this team struggled to score. It makes me nervous, because of how things appeared to be alright, not great, but alright in December, when it all fell apart shortly after. And that was why a lot of people picked the Canucks to miss the playoffs this year. We were all told this was a 'retooling', right?

not even

Yet here they are, atop the NHL. Some may celebrate, but I feel wary of even mentioning it. This team will destroy your soul if you let them, so keep that in mind.

152:05 and counting. That is how long it's been since Ryan Miller allowed a goal, back in the game against Chicago. The streak will end in this game for sure, Detroit's no Columbus. It's funny, it seems like just the other day that there was a lot of hand-wringing about Miller's underlying numbers. Oh, it was? Neat. Anyway, he has been progressing nicely adjusting to the new system, his numbers continue to improve (amazing how shutouts will do that), and he is getting closer to his career averages. They will however need a better 60 minute effort if they hope to beat the Wings, something they weren't able to do last season.

One thing that's helped the Red WIngs is the return of Pavel Datsyuk. He missed a number of games due to injury, but has 13 points in 12 games so far. The Canucks will also need to be mindful of Gustav Nyquist. He leads the Wings with 10 goals this season, after notching 28 in 57 games last season.


Detroit has a rich musical history, as we all know. The Motown sound, so many legendary acts, not to mention modern-day superstars like Eminem & The White Stripes. But they also unleashed the abomination that is Insane Clown Posse on the world. It's almost unforgivable. Fortunately, they also produce The Black Dahlia Murder, and that made everything sort of okay...

Impromptu Drinking Games Rules


- 1 Drink: They mention Luongo's daytime injury (or any others).

- 1 Drink: Hometown Hockey Panel actually compliments the Canucks (cannot be backhanded).

- 2 Drinks: A mention of that affront to pizza lovers everywhere, Little Caesars.

- 2 Drinks: Kronwall dirty hit defence by Wings fans on twitter.

- 3 Drinks: Did you know that Drew Miller and Ryan Miller are related???!!!1!.

- 3 drinks: Raise 'em up for the greatest to ever play the game: Gordie Howe

Parting thoughts from Bob's Burgers




No one predicted the score, the game winning goal, or even the shutout. I don't know what to say...

you suck

ALSO: Bonus points available! Predict the score and winner of the Grey Cup between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders. And just for fun instead of GWG, predict the MVP. Stop laughing, Canadian Football is a thing.