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Canucks' Stats 23 Games Into The Regular Season

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Let's have some fun with stats. No, not advanced stats. Just the raw stats because, you know, I like to kick it old school.


  • 33. That's how many points the Canucks have after 23 games played, which is 2nd in the NHL, or in a tie for 2nd because 6 teams have 34 points. SIX!
  • 6. Point differential between the Canucks (3rd) and Wild (9th) in the West.
  • 16. 6 teams, including Vancouver have 16 wins this season. The Canucks are 16-6-1. That leaves them some room to be flexible. And by flexible I mean: go through a period of shit yet still make the playoffs. The Islanders lead the NHL with 17 wins? Shut the front door!
  • 13 power play goals scored by Vancouver so far this season...."good" for 19th in the NHL with a 17.8% PP percentage.
  • The Canucks rank 4th in the NHL in goals per game (3.04) and 16th in the NHL in goals against per game (2.61).
  • Vancouver's play 5 on 5 ranks them 15th in the NHL (goals for / against)
  • The penalty kill is ranked 5th (85.9%...nice)
  • When the Canucks score the game's first goal they have a 10-2-0 record, which is a .833 percentage which ranks them in a tie for 2nd in the NHL. The Canucks are an impressive 6-4-1 when they give up the game's first goal.
  • The team's collective 433 hits ranks them 25th in the NHL.
  • The 319 blocked shots ranks them 19th. Bye bye Tortorella.
  • The Canucks are middle of the pack with giveaways and takeaways, and suck at faceoffs, except you, Bo. See below.


  • 10. Radim Vrbata has 10 goals this season. Tyler Seguin has 18. Rick Nash has 16. Steven Stamkos has 15.
  • 5. Daniel Sedin is tied for 6th in the NHL with 17 assists. Hank has 16 assists. So....Dank...are you ever going to emerge as a 40 goal scorer again?
  • 22. Henrik Christ's 22 points ranks him in a tie for 11th overall in the NHL. (Dank has 21 points). Keep in mind that their 22 and 21 points are in 23 games played.
  • 11. Nick Bonino and Chris Higgins are a +11., ranking them in a tie for 6th in the NHL, ahead of buttholes like Shea Weber. Most-impressive is Nashville's Filip Forsberg at the top of the list with a +20. This is a great thing. I have him in the NM Pool. There he will be drowned.
  • Radim Vrbata's 4 power play goals ranks him in a tie for 4th overall in the NHL. Other Canucks PPG scorers: Vey and Edler with 3, Hank, Dank and Burrows with 1-apiece. Evgeni Malkin leads the NHL with 7 PPG's.
  • 9 - power play points for Vrbata which leads the team. Sidney Crosby has 15 PP points. But he also leads the NHL with 96 tears cried, right?
  • 3 game-winning goals for Nick Bonino ranks him tied for 2nd in the NHL with a whole bunch of other dudes.
  • Alex Edler's average ice time per game is a team-leading 23:47, but ranks him about 23rd in the NHL. Unreal that Ryan Suter and Drew Doughty log almost 30:00 a game on average.
  • Hank Sedin's 22.2% shooting percentage means two things: he doesn't shoot often, and when he does, he generally bags it. That % ranks him 7th in the NHL.
  • Derek Dorsett not-surprisingly leads the Canucks with 48 hits. However, that 48 hit count ranks him about 68th in the NHL which further proves my point that the Canucks don't hit often and it's like watching women's hockey at times.
  • 52. That's how many blocked shots Chris Tanev has, ranking him best on the team and tied for 9th in the League.
  • Kevin Bieksa's 22 giveaways makes him the worst culprit on the team, and 9th in the NHL. Don't crucify him though. Erik Karlsson leads the NHL with 33 and P.K. Subban has 27. Who the hell counts this stuff? I swear Edler has more giveaways than Kevin.
  • Bonino's 20 takeaways is best on the Canucks and 6th in the NHL.
  • Bo Horvat leads the Nucks with a monstrous 61.3% faceoff winning percentage. A great factoid for ya: that ranks him 2nd in the NHL for forwards who have taken at least 100 faceoffs. Who is tops in the NHL at faceoffs? Ten ask me if I care about it. Heheh. Linden Vey has a 39.3% faceoff success rate, worst on the team (again, for players who have taken at least 100 faceoffs)
  • 70. That's the total of Canucks' leaders in shots taken. No kidding one is Vrbata. The other? Alex Edler!


  • GOALS: Vrbata (10), Hansen (8), Bonino (7), Hank and Burrows (6), Higgins (5). The only Canucks without goals: Tanev, Hamhuis and Stanton.
  • ASSISTS: Dank (17), Hank (16), Bonino (12), Higgins (10), Vrbata (8)
  • POINTS: Hank (22), Dank (21), Bonino (19), Vrbata (18), Higgins (15)
  • PLUS/MINUS: Bonino and Higgins (+11), Hank (+8), Dank and Burrows (+6), Edler (+5), Tanev and Weber (+4). Worst of the bunch: Matthias (-8), Richardson (-6), Hamhuis and Kassian (-5)
  • POWER PLAY GOALS: Vrbata (4), Vey and Edler (3), Hank, Dank and Burr (1).
  • POWER PLAY POINTS: Vrbata (9), Hank and Dank (8), Vey and Edler (3), 5 players tied with 1 point.
  • SHORTHANDED GOALS: Hansen and Dorsett (1)
  • GAME WINNING GOALS: Bonino (3), Dank and Vrbata (2), 7 players with 1.
  • SHOTS: Vrbata and Edler (70), Dank (61), Higgins (60), Bonino (50), Bieksa (49).
  • AVERAGE ICE TIME PER GAME: Edler (23:47), Bieksa (21:40), Hamhuis (20:36), Tanev (20:26), Hank (19:16), Dank (19:13)
  • HITS: Dorsett (48), Sbisa (36), Bieksa (34), Edler and Kassian (33), Matthias and Richardson (31)
  • BLOCKED SHOTS: Tanev (52), Edler (42), Bieksa (34), Sbisa (30), Hamhuis (29).
  • GIVEAWAYS: Bieksa (22), Edler (20), Hamhuis (16), Tanev (15), Bonino (12)
  • TAKEAWAYS: Bonino (20), Matthias and Hank (12), Bieksa, Hansen and Higgins (11), Burrows (10), Dorsett and Tanev (8). Again, I don't know who tabulates these or how cuz those numbers are low.


  • Ryan Miller's 15 wins puts him 1 behind League-leader Pekker Rinne, who has played 2 more games.
  • 15-3-0. Miller's record this season.
  • 1-3-1. Eddie Lack's record this season.
  • Miller's 2.32 goals against average ranks him about 14th in the NHL with goalies who have played at least 10 games.
  • Miller's .914 save percentage ranks him 23rd in the NHL with goalies that have played at least 10 games. Huh. Lack's .894 save percentage is gonna take a long time to look a lot better. The same applies to his 3.30 GAA.
  • Miller's 3 shutouts puts him in a tie for 2nd in the NHL. That looks better, hey? The Canucks aren't that good at defence though which doesn't surprise me. I knew this would be the case as soon as they started preaching a new, up-tempo style of hockey.


  • Hank: 1 goal and 4 assists in his last 5 games

  • Bonino: 4 assists in his last 2 games.
  • Burrows: 2 goals in his last 2 games.
  • Higgins: 1 goal and 2 assists in his last 3 games
  • Matthias: 2 goals in his last 2 games
  • Dank: 5 assists in his last 5 games. Has 1 goal in 13 games in November though....yikes.
  • Vrbata: 4 goals and 1 assist in his last 5 games. He's baaaaack.


  • With only 3 points on the season, Bieksa is clearly not a scoring threat anymore (unless he puts it off the stanchion)

  • Edler: 1 assist in his last 9 games.
  • Sbisa: 1 assist in his last 7 games.
  • Vey: 1 assist in his last 6 games.
  • Tom Sestito. Because even big Tommy sitting in the press box is an insult to press boxes everywhere. (Just kidding, Tommy.)

The Canucks are not getting much output from their defencemen but at this point, who cares? They are doing so well! Soon enough we will be pushing blame buttons.

Hope you enjoyed the stats. Took me much too long to do these. Stats came from and and may have changed a tad here and there as a few games finished up while I was doing this.

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