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Jannik Hansen's Hat Trick vs Chicago (Nov. 23/14)

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Hansen is on fire right now. He is actually scorching hot. That's 5 goals on 7 shots in his last 3 games played. Hansen, Bo Horvat and Derek Dorsett are cooking up a storm lately.

This is the first hatty of Beaker's career. Congrats, dude. I was losing faith in you.

Jannik is now second on the team in scoring with 8 goals, 1 ahead of Nick Bonino and 2 behind Radim Vrbata. Wasn't Beaker getting crucified by the fans not-so long ago? Anyway, he's not gonna score 35 goals, but let's just enjoy these good times, hey? Hansen post game quotes:

"Confidence is a funny thing," said Hansen.

"You can’t just pluck it out of the air and have it. It needs to happen for you and once you have it, just go with it. The puck bounces your way instead of the other way."

"Sometimes you have a feeling that it might go in if you shoot it. Obviously sometimes it doesn’t but sometimes it does," Hansen said.

Those quotes via Vancouver Metro News.

"It’s a funny thing. When you feel it, you’re taking maybe a couple more shots, where if you’re on the other end, you overpass it because you’re thinking you might need an open net in order to get one."