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Lord Veyder And Possibly Stanton Out For Wednesday's Game vs Oilers

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Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Both the Vancouver Province and Sun are reporting that Zack Kassian and Luca Sbisa are ready to return to the lineup for Wednesday night's game against Edmonton. Both sources are also reporting that Linden Vey will quite likely be a healthy scratch, as Bo Horvat will continue to play at center on line 4, and that possibly Ryan Stanton will be a healthy scratch in order for Sbisa to play.

Vey has 4 goals, 9 points and is a -4 in 18 games with the Canucks so far this season. Not bad at all for a guy averaging 13:39 ice time per game. 3 of those 4 goals came on the power October. Veyder has no goals and 3 assists and is a -3 in his last 7 games. In 111 faceoffs taken, Vey has won only 39.6% of them. Horvat has won 53.8% of his 52 faceoffs taken in 5 games. Horvat is also pretty good at his 2-way game.

Vey said this recently:

"It’s been an inconsistent start for me. You look at the games I’ve played and I’ve got to concentrate on winning battles."

I haven't noticed Vey much lately. Have you?

So...Sbisa in and Stanton out? Explain that one to me. No, don't. I mostly get it. Sbisa is the big-money d-man and is whom Benning projects to be a top 4 defenceman for the Canucks one day. I hate it because I am a big fan of lunchpail defencemen like Stanton who I find to be reliable.

Kassian is no hero yet. His consistency at all levels remains in question. Prior to his leg injury Zack Attack had 2 assists and was a -3 in 8 games.