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Canucks By The Numbers

Let's have some fun with stats. No, not advanced stats. Just the raw stats because, you know, I like to kick it old school.

Ezra Shaw

Let's have some fun with stats. No, not advanced stats. Just the raw stats because, you know, I like to kick it old school.

  • 24. That's how many points the Canucks have after 18 games. (12-6-0 record). With that record they are ranked 4th in the Western Conference. The Calgary Flames also have 24 points. Say what??
  • 21. That's how many points the 8th and 9th place Blackhawks and Jets have. How's that for a reality check? An 82-game grind is in effect! WEEEEEEEEeeee!
  • 14. The Canadiens have 14 wins so far, leading the NHL. The Canucks, Lightning, Penguins and Blues are all tied at second spot with 12 wins.
  • 18.0. The Canucks' 18% power play efficiency ranks them 17th in the League at this point. It's falling down the charts lately.
  • 85.7. That is Vancouver's penalty kill efficiency and it's good, ranking them 7th in the NHL.
  • 75. The Canucks win 75% of their games when they score first. That ranks them pretty high in the NHL in that stat category. Only Montreal and Toronto have not lost a game when scoring first.
  • ######fack whatever. The Canucks have a 3-2-0 record when leading after the first period. They are 6-0-0 when leading after 2 periods. 2-4-0 when trailing after 1 period and 2-5-0 when trailing after 2 periods.
  • 69. 69 minor penalties taken in 18 games thus far. (13th in the NHL, with 1 being the least amount of minors taken...hello Edmonton and Nashville at #1 and #2.)
  • 5. The Canucks lead the NHL with 5 empty net goals scored. (Vrbata, Sedin, Sedin, Richardson and Hansen have ENG's for the Nucks.)
  • 51. The Canucks rank 9th in the NHL with goals scored.
  • 52. The Canucks rank 21st in the NHL with goals against. They are collectively a -3 on goals for vs goals against, ranking them 21st in the NHL in that category. Not a big deal right now when you are a top team in the NHL. Weird hey? Not really. 2 blowout losses can skew that result.
  • 27. The Canucks rank 27th in the NHL in goals against 5 on 5.
  • 0. Empty net goals against. 5 other teams can claim that accomplishment. It's not a big deal. Vancouver just hasn't put themselves in the position for this to happen all that often.
  • 245. When Tortorella was here the Canucks were higher-ranked in this category. Now, under a new coach, they have 245 recorded blocked shots this season, ranking them 15th in the NHL. Tanev, Edler, Hamhuis, Bieksa and Sbisa have 31, 30, 29, 25, 24 blocked shots respectively accounting for 139/245 blocked shots = 56.7% of the total shots blocked. Nick Bonino leads all Canucks forwards with 17 blocked shots. We love Boner, don't we?
  • 352. The number of recorded hits the Canucks have made this season, ranking them 23rd in the NHL. This is not surprising, as I complained about in my last post. Do hits really matter? Not always. But they do play a the 5-0 loss to the Coyotes.
  • Yadda: The Canucks are more or less middle of the pack in the NHL with blocked shots, missed shots and giveaways. They rank 11th in the NHL with 129 takeaways.
  • 17. Hank Sedin has 17 points in 18 games so far. Sounds impressive right? Well, the Flyers' Jakub Voracek has 26 points in 16 games. Sadney Crybaby has 25 points in 16 games. However, I think we welcome any Sedin improvement from last season.
  • Henrik Sedin's 7 power play points rank him...well whatever.
  • 3. Nick Bonino's 3 game-winning goals rank him 2nd in the NHL.
  • 59. Alexander Edler's 59 shots on goal ranks him 22nd in the NHL. Who is not excited by this stat?
  • 2. Edler is a +2. That means he is far from the -39 that he was last season. I still believe in Edler. I still see a lot of potential in him.
  • 15. That's how many assists Utica Comets forward Cal O'Reilly has this season in 15 games, easily making him the leader of the AHL in that category.
  • Check out the Comets' scoring leaders here.
  • Check out Jacob Markstrom and  Joacim Eriksson's stats here compared to the rest of the AHL. Jeeziz, Eddie, no pressure.
  • 11. The Comets' 11-2-2 record currently ranks them tops in the AHL.

That's enough stats out of me tonight. I'm just providing some reading material for you Canucks fans.

This post has been brought to you God, I miss my electric guitar.....

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