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Canucks Re-Assign Jensen/Sanguinetti + More Nucks News

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The Canucks announced on Saturday that they have reassigned winger Nicklas Jensen and defenceman Bobby Sanguinetti to the Utica Comets.

Sanguinetti was called up in case Kevin Bieksa missed Friday's game against the Coyotes game with the flu. Maybe he should have sat that one out and let Bobby play.... Hell we could have used the whole Utica roster in that abomination, hey? The Sun's Iain MacIntyre  wrote a solid piece on Sanguinetti a few days back talking about the d-man's tough road to play in the NHL. Check it out here. An excellent excerpt from that article is a quote from GM Jim Benning:

"Since the start of the year, we’ve been preaching things earned and not given," Benning explained Friday. "We want to send that message to the players down there, that if you play well and work hard every night, then you’re going to get an opportunity to get called up and be part of our organization.

"Even our first-round picks, they need to understand that this is what it takes to be a Vancouver Canuck and to win. In the case of Sanguinetti and DeFazio, this is kind of a feather in their cap, that they’ve done a good job working with our kids and playing well themselves. We’re not going to put a limit on guys just because of their pedigree."

Sanguinetti was drafted 21st overall by the Rangers in 2006 and has had a hard time cracking the NHL roster spot. He has 7 points and is a +11 in 14 games with Utica this season. Good to see Benning's reward system in place.

Jensen's tenure with the big team lasted 3 games this time around. In 3 games against the Ducks, Senators and Coyotes he scored no points, had 4 shots and was an even plus/minus and was given 8:10, 8:21 and 12:08 ice time respectively. Kassian is expected to return to the Canucks' lineup on Wednesday against the Oilers hence Jensen being reassigned. Coach Willie on Jensen:

"It’s tough for a young guy. He played pretty well. Was he our 12th forward? No, he wasn’t. But when you’re coming in, you have to be better than guys. You can’t be just as good, you have to be better to take guys’ spots. He was good but I don’t think he showed that we can’t possibly send him down. When you come up, you have to be where, like, there is no way we can send that guy down because that makes a difference between us winning and losing. So was he good? Yeah, he was good but I think maybe next time he comes up, he’ll be more (advanced) that he’s going to come to stay."

Like, yea dude. Like, yea I get it.


  • The Canucks did their usual bru-haha for season ticket holders on Saturday...except...they did something really out of the ordinary this time around that has garnered much attention. They signed a kid:
Canucks autograph kid

How sweet is that? A parent asked them to autograph the kid and they passed the tot down the table and signed away. Sweet stuff. Surely these kind of good deeds will garner some love from the refs in the future.

  • Oh sick loveable bastard you:

I know, I'm 2 days behind. Whatever. I hate being in touch with this stuff. Why in the f*ck does this dogshit society even give the Kartrashians (thanks Britt) a leg to stand on? I'm getting older, kids, watch out! Get off my lawn!

  • Tony Gallagher cautions restraint about the Canucks' early success? Big surprise! However, he's right. I agree with him on almost all fronts there. It's far too soon to get too excited. The Canucks have lost 2 straight games only once this EARLY season so far. No real adversity there yet.
  • The Canucks are 12-6-0 thru 18 games so far so it's good to see they have bought themselves a bit of room and time to lose a little because god knows it's gonna happen. Currently, the Canucks' 24 points thru 18 games ranks them 4th in the Western Conference and 2nd in the Pacific Division. To keep shit in perspective, San Jose is 8th in the West with 20 points. OK, so....not much room to lose games is there?
  • Nick Bonino on his chemistry with Chris Higgins and Alexandre Burrows:

"We're pretty laid back with each other. I think that's why we've been having success right now, because when we get on the ice we play hard and we want to make good plays, and make sure we don't leave the other guy out to dry. At times you play with linemates who are upset when you mess up, but these guys are the exact opposite. They've been great for me and have made it very easy to settle into Vancouver and find my way."


Hey the Canucks are doing swell, aren't they? Winning is gold. Now, raise your hand if you've noticed the lack of physical - hard-hitting play of the Canucks this season. It really shone bright in the loss to Phoenix but I have seen it the whole season mostly thus far. LACK OF HITTING OR, BIG HITS. It's gone. Long have I foreseen this doom. What's the last time you saw a Canuck make a big open-ice hit? How about a huge hit along the boards? It's a damned tea and cookies party out there. Why would players do this anymore anyway? If they make contact with the opposing player's head they are screwed. Dan Hamhuis said a while back that he is scared to make that big hit for that very reason. Truer words were never spoken in this concussion era.

I'm opening a can of worms here. The NHL is looking more and more like women's hockey, which I don't like, and the old school Euro hockey that Don Cherry hated back in the day. Cherry foresaw this doom a long time ago. Satisfied? Liking this new finesse NHL? Do you miss the hitting aspect? I do. Yea yea yea call me a blood-lusting ol' crooney. I don't care one bit. I miss the violence.Does it provide an edge for teams? SOMETIMES, YES.

On top of that, allow me to foresee another doom for our current Canucks. The top 6 are:



I don't see a lot of physical intimidation there at all. But they are winning, right? So what does it matter? Well let me tell you! The refs put their whistles away in the playoffs, plus, the play gets far more physical in the post season. Happy going into the playoffs with that top 6? It's an honest question. Don't hate the playah. Hate the game. I am not convinced that this top 6 is physical enough. Don't get all pissy with me for saying that. Just search your internal organs (brain) and tell me why I am wrong for feeling this way.