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2014-15 Hockey Pool

We are less than 12 hours away from the 2014-15 NucksMisconduct fantasy hockey draft! 20 teams are registered and the league has been finalized.

Bruce Bennett

We are less than 12 hours away from the 2014-15 NucksMisconduct fantasy hockey draft!  20 teams are registered and the league has been finalized.  

The divisions have been re-aligned so that each of the 4 divisions has at least one of the folks from the masthead to beat up on this season. 





Tenger Terror


Respect your Edlers

Don Fehr the Reaper


CORSI Hockey Team

Kesler Sucks


Sean Larson's Team



Jew Crew

Gmonk33's Team


100% Pure Pulp







Vrbata or Worse



AK_Nuck's Team


The Zambonis

Garrison's Ghost



WOWY Wee Waa!


Luuuuuuuuse yourself



BygFeete's Bunch


Just look at all of those great team names, with so many Canucks references!  I'll wait until I have a player or two on my team before I pick a name.


Week 11 has been declared RIVALRY week!  In my opinion it was one of the weeks that had a bunch of division rivals facing off. It's important to have a mid season week that has bragging rights on the line.  On that note, I'm going to offer up a challenge to my Week 11 Rival: $20 wager to with the loser donating to the Canucks for Kids charity!


I'll stop delaying the most important part of this article... The draft order!  Yahoo gave us the option to set our own order, wait for Y! Sports to determine it for us 30 minutes prior to the draft, or set it up ahead of time.  I've ran the random generator for us, and here is our official draft order (unless Yahoo messes up, I can't control that).  Keep in mind that this draft is serpentine, so 1st overall in round 1 is 20th overall in round 2.

1. Garrison's Ghost
2. Jew Crew
3. WOWY Wee Waa!
4. Sean Larson's Team
5. Gmonk33's Team
6. 100% Pure Pulp
7. CORSI Hockey Team
8. The Zambonis
9. Luuuuuuuuse Yourself
10. Kesler Sucks
11. Matsisfaction
12. AK_Nuck's Team
13. Vrbata or Worse
14. BeantownCanuck
15. LordVeyder'sMinions
16. Tenger Terror
17. Mendicants
18. Respect your Edlers
19. BygFeete's Bunch
20. Don Fehr the Reaper 

There you have it, draft order... Start building your Big Boards folks!