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The Not-So Curious Case Of Tom Sestito

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

No big surprise that there is disdain for Tom Sestito getting a roster spot on a team that Canucks coaching staff and management want to roll 4 lines with. The displeasure out there (including from myself) that Tommy-Boy was not put on waivers prior to the beginning of the regular season abounds. After all, we now have Derek Dorsett, who may not be as monstrous as Tom, but is likely to create more offence with his speed and still provide a big physical game and chip in on the scoresheet occasionally, or, more than Tostitos would. Right?

Dorsett scored 4 goals and 8 points in 51 games last season. He was a -1, had 67 shots on goal, averaged 11:01 ice time per game, 102 hits, 27 blocked shots, 8 giveaways, 12 takeaways, 19 minor penalties, 10 major penalties, 45 seconds of PK time on average and 6 seconds of PP time averaged per game....which is squat.

Sestito scored 5 goals and 9 points in 77 games last season. He was a -14, had 31 shots on goal, averaged 6:27 time on ice per game, 121 hits, 12 blocked shots, 7 giveaways, 8 takeaways, 19 minor penalties, 19 major penalties, 0.00 PK time on ice, 0:06 PP time on ice per game average.....which is beyond squat.

You can draw a few conclusions from those basic stats but I think that what we are seeing there basically is that Derek Dorsett is a better option on line 4 than Sestito is. Sure, we saw this from Tommy last season:

And we saw this from Double D in the playoffs last season:

But none of that is worth getting too excited about. These guys are bottom 6/4th line players and thinking they are going to score 10 goals in a season is really pushing it.

As an aside, both players lose most of their fights.....

Sestito recently went to management and asked them when in the hell he was going to play. I don't know what Benning told him, but Tommy did offer this soundbite:

"I’m just doing my thing. It’s up to the coaches. Who knows when I get in? I’m done worrying about it.

"If it’s here or somewhere else where I get my chance, it is what it is. I’m just trying to be a good teammate. It’s obviously tough sitting out every game, but it’s out of my control."

Some might say that Sestito would be better suited in the lineup when the Canucks play the big-nasty Californian teams. Is that really legit? Really? Dorsett will take on all comers anyway, and both lose most of their fights. Ben Kuzma recently tweeted this:

Last I checked, beating the goonery on the scoresheet is what matters most. It makes me wonder a couple of things:

1. Why in the hell did the Canucks keep Sestito around after acquiring Dorsett?

2. Perhaps Sestito is around just in case Dorsett gets injured? This is madness.

I have no effing idea.

If you look at advanced stats here and beyond it is quite clear that Dorsett is a better overall player than Sestito is. So if Sestito is to crack the lineup, he is going to have to blow Willie's socks off or...he could be waived.

Another interesting question is: where does Bo Horvat fit in this mess, if indeed the Canucks are going to play him?

More on Sestito from Desjardins:

"He has to transition his game to our play," Desjardins said. "He has kind of been in the league as a protector and we want to get him into the role of a player so he’s like everyone else. If something happens, he deals with it, but no more than any other player. So it is a bit of a transition and I don’t feel he is quite there yet."

Ouch. Even the coach is saying Tommy isn't very good at hockey.

From Tommy:
"To stay in the league I did what I had to do and that was fighting," Sestito said. "Maybe you just get pigeon-holed as that guy. New coaches, new GM, I just have to prove it to those guys again."

His best line:
Once I get my chance I am going to make it tough for them to take me out."
Solid attitude, Tommy! I just don't think yer gonna stick.

More on Tommy at the Vancouver Sun.