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Shinkaruk Heading To Utica

One would have thought a potential injury last night to Bo Horvat against the Oilers would mean buying a little more time for Hunter Shinkaruk to make his case to start the season with the Canucks. The team announced this morning he's on his way to the Comets.

Shuffle off to Buff... I mean, Utica
Shuffle off to Buff... I mean, Utica
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

He'd really had a strong camp and preseason, but in the end, Canucks GM Jim Benning has decided that Hunter Shinkaruk will be best served by getting some more seasoning (and ultimately a ton more ice time) down in Utica with the Comets of the AHL. In other news, Cal O'Reilly has been placed on waivers for the purpose of sending him to Utica, which is good, because it was just getting strange trying to figure out a) how he lasted this long and b) how he got here in the first place? It's like training camp opened and he just kind of skated out there, and by the time they noticed, it was too awkward to tell him to leave.

Also, if you take a look on the roster at CDC, you'll note the absence of Bo Horvat.  Is this just due to his being injured? Considering Brad Richardson and Zack Kassian are still there, something tells me that Horvat is on his way back to junior. We'll await an official announcement on that, but it sure does look like Nicklas Jensen is the only one of the 3 who will stick around for the opening of the season with the Canucks.