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Of Hurricanes And Hurricanes - Canucks vs Hurricanes Gamethread

Isn't it quite the coincidence that the Carolina Hurricanes are in town while the remnants of Hurricane Ana is hitting the BC coast?

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Game time: 7:00pm PDT

Where to watch: Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey

Come on, Kansas City, force a Game 7! YOU CAN DO IT!

When I studied the Shakespeare play Macbeth in grade 11, I was told that dramatic irony was when the climate and weather described in the literature matched the mood of what was happening with the characters. I now know that this is not what dramatic irony means, but it does come to mind today with the remnants of Hurricane Ana thrashing against coastal BC while the Carolina Hurricanes are in Vancouver to visit our Canucks. How can you ignore the coincidence!

Yes, I know, this is not something you want to joke about. The north part of Vancouver Island is actually surviving fairly well, with only a few power outages and one localized boil-water advisory to worry about. I'm actually fairly disappointed that I have yet to personally see a single tree fall onto a road. Thankfully, most of the power has been restored across the island, so we can all watch the game tonight while the storm simmers down.

Okay, back to the Canucks. It was a good bounce-back game against Washington the other night, and hopefully that can be built on. Carolina is coming in as the only team without a win yet this season, so Murphy's Law implies that the Canucks are going to have a very hard night.

Let's keep Ana as the only Hurricane having its way on the BC coast. Coconuts go!