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Let's Talk About Sexes, Baby

Time to announce a new rule here at Nucks Misconduct. From now on, there will not be any posting of images of women or men (scantily clad or not) in any of our comments threads. Any images of that nature will be deleted. It will be fine to link to images of a smoking lass or dude but that's it. We have had a long run of posting images of women mostly in our game threads at the end of each period during Canucks games. I have found it to be entertaining, naturally and I posted so many of them myself. I really did not want to stop doing it. However, here I am, by choice (was not told to do this, I am volunteering out of free will) to announce the changing of an "era" here.

Why the change?

Because NM is a community, and several people have made it be known in the comment threads and via emails that they don't want to be a part of this community (or are angered by it) because of the images being posted, most of them women. My first reaction to that was: "if you don't like it, then don't come here." I know many of you would agree with that. I had to get over my initial anger over the matter and take a day to think about it. I mean, I hate change sometimes. NM has been a certain way for so long..."who do these people think they are to fuck with it and question what we do here," I thought to myself.


I want female (and male) hockey fans to feel welcomed here and participate / read our comment threads. If a large group of them are insulted by coming across a large image of Salma Hayek with 95% of her boobs hanging out as they scroll down the page, then why should I be ok with that? NM should not be a mens' league, even though it sometimes comes across that way. The idea of linking to an image is a healthy compromise, even though it may take a little bit of time getting used to it.