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Here Come The Oilers - Canucks at Oilers Gamethread

Canucks visit Edmonton.

Look, Ma, Daniel is flying!
Look, Ma, Daniel is flying!
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Game time: 6:30pm PDT

Where to watch: Sportsnet Vancouver Hockey or Pacific*

*depends on if they update their time slots to Kansas City not needing a Game 6

If there is any reason to keep an eye on Twitter tonight, it is the #HereComeTheOilers hashtag. Edmonton has already played 4 games this season, and the only point they have to show for it is the OT point we gave them last weekend. If there's anyone to feel sorry for, it's whoever they draft in the top 5 in next spring's draft.

Canucks are visiting these fools again, and hopefully we can get an easy regulation win out of it.

Coconuts go!