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Video: Tortorella Chill In Times Of Adversity

I swear, Dr. Mike Gillis must have prescribed John Tortorella with a year - supply of clonazepam when he signed him to become coach of the Vancouver Canucks. You wait for Torts to explode or become that spiteful demon during media conferences lately and it doesn't happen. He remains calm and answers questions in a most descriptive and productive and thoughtful manner.

Torts says in this presser (after the foiled lead and the loss to Pittsburgh) that rather than smash guys through walls, he told the boys to keep their heads up. He picks his spots to freak out, obviously. When a reporter asked him if this team is fragile he immediately answered yes, but then explained that it's normal. Check the interview out. He also has "pleasant" words for Booth and Weise. I really like this guy as our team's coach.