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Time For An All-Snub Team? - Canucks vs Penguins Gamethread

Canucks host the Penguins, on the same day that Team Canada was announced.

Can I join your "all-snub" team?
Can I join your "all-snub" team?
Marissa Baecker

7:00pm PST, TSN

Enemy territory: PensBurgh

The IIHF was very clever, picking January 7th as the submission deadline for the Olympics roster. Today is also the date of a matchup we used to only see once a year (now twice): Canucks vs Penguins.

Both these teams are stacked with players that could've made their Olympic rosters. Of course, there is only so much space, which is why a few Pittsburgh fans were outraged on Twitter after the Team Canada announcement. Where's Flower? Where's James Neal? Canada's going to suck without them!

One idea I've definitely seen is an All-Snub team, and even Canada's version would be stacked. Hey Pens fans, we've got Alex Burrows, Kevin Bieksa and Eddie Lack who all got snubs, can they join the team?

Coconuts go!