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I'm Still Alive - Canucks vs Blackhawks Gamethread

Canucks take on the Blackhawks.

Rich Lam

7:30pm PST, TSN

Enemy territory: Second City Hockey

As Sean mentioned in today's game preview, both the Canucks and Blackhawks have had troubles lately. Like Vancouver, Chicago has also been losing a lot lately, and their powerplay has also been clownshoes. They are on a back-to-back right now, losing 5-4 in OT to the Flames last night. This is their 2nd game on the road trip that will take them right to the Sochi Olympics, while the Canucks are facing their last home game before taking on a similar trip.

Coconuts go!

Tonight's gamethread title is brought to you by this song from the game Portal. I had it on repeat for an hour yesterday, and it does fit both teams quite well right now.

Portal - 'Still Alive' (via OverTheGun)