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Are You Not Entertained? - Canucks vs Predators Gamethread

Canucks host the Predators.

Juice doesn't want any of your BS.
Juice doesn't want any of your BS.

7:00pm PST, Sportsnet Pacific

Enemy territory: On the Forecheck

The Canucks did what they needed to against the bottom-dwelling Alberta teams to snap the losing skid, but that is just the start. They need to carry that momentum forward, as the stretch to the Olympics is full of fascinating and difficult opponents. Tonight, they host the Predators, who are still trying to stay alive. They are currently 8 spots out of a wildcard spot, although still 10 points ahead of the Alberta sluggers.

Coconuts go!

Tonight's gamethread title is brought to you by Russell Crowe. I caught my mom watching Gladiator this morning, and it seemed appropriate for our current situation.

Gladiator (4/8) Movie CLIP - Are You Not Entertained? (2000) HD (via movieclips)