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What Are We Waiting For? - Canucks @ Oilers Gamethread

The Torts-less Canucks visit the Oilers.

Derek Leung

6:30pm PST, Sportsnet Pacific

Enemy territory: The Copper & Blue

What a game on Saturday night, eh? It's that kind of game that should fire up this team, and get them back on the winning side. Having Torts bite the bullet should prove as ample inspiration to get the boys going strong. Tonight, they test this while visiting the Oilers, another Alberta rival. Although Edmonton has had their share of truculence against us in previous years, I suspect their team rebuild has taken away some of that spark.

Coconuts go!

Gamethread title is brought to you by Lord Of The Rings. Yes, I saw that Sean referenced this scene in the game preview, but all he used was a screenshot of Legolas and two words. I prefer the full scene, especially with how Gimli ends it: "Certainty of death, small chance of success, what are we waiting for?"

Legolas "A Diversion" Scene Lord of the Rings III (via Evan Petrone)