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Henrik Sedin's Ironman Streak Ends Due To Rib Injury

Bruce Bennett

Henrik Sedin's ironman streak will end at 679 games due to having bruised ribs. The injury first happened in the Canucks-Coyotes game when the Canucks' captain was crossschecked in the ribs by Phoenix's Martin Hanzal. Hank made a valiant effort to play against the Flames, but looked to be a shade of his usual self, especially after he was pushed to the ice by a Flames defender early in the game vs Calgary. He was slow to get up, and then you knew the writing was on the wall. He played 12:11 of a game he probably never should have played in, but he's a tough guy. Coach Tortorella had to tell him to take his gear off in the 2nd intermission, otherwise he probably would have kept playing, and likely made the injury worse.

Who says the Sedins aren't tough, hey?

So to put it in perspective, the last time Hank missed a game was March 19, 2004.

He ranks 6th on the all-time ironman list:

1. Doug Jarvis: 964 games

2. Gary Unger: 914 games

3. Steve Larmer: 884

4. Craig Ramsay: 776

5. Jay Bouwmeester: 683

6. Henrik Sedin: 679

That's some elite company.

679 games ago Hank did this:

That after returning to action from a....rib injury. How ironic. Thank you for pulling that clip out of the archives.

Congrats on the streak, Hank! We are proud of your accomplishment, and we know you cared about it. Can you imagine how many games he played through pain? He had a cut hand recently that prevented him from taking faceoffs, but I know there were far worse things he endured.

So now the Canucks must soldier on without their top center. Mike Sullivan, who broke the bad news, calls Hank day-to-day, but if you have ever bruised your ribs before, it can take 2-4 weeks to heal, depending on if you aggravate the injury. Let's hope he heals quickly. And let's hope brother Daniel takes it to another level in his brother's absence because we know for a fact that they have a friendly competition going on.