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Luongo Ready, Canucks Assign Eriksson To Utica

We've all been there, Lou, haha
We've all been there, Lou, haha
Derek Leung

Eddie Lack and Co. won 1 and lost 2 in Roberto Luongo's absence. I doubt even Luongo could have saved them in last night's game against Tampa Bay. Just a lousy team effort. It appears Roberto gets the start against the Kings on Saturday night. Luongo told reporters today:

"It was an Evander Kane shot down the wing that originally got me a little bit. I tried to stay in the game a few more minutes and then kept feeling it during the play and felt it again on another shot."

Nutshot? We don't know because Luongo only called it a "lower body injury."

The Utica Comets won't mind getting Joacim Eriksson back. He had won 3 straight games for them and was playing superb before he was called up. has a post up about how the Comets have been doing lately.

Luongo's latest goof tweet:

The response: