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Back to California - Canucks @ Kings Gamethread

Literally a week after getting back from the last California road trip, the Canucks head out on a second one, starting in LA tonight.

Victor Decolongon

7:30pm PST, Sportsnet Pacific

Enemy territories: Jewels From The Crown, Battle of California

You know, it's batches like these that make you want to smack the NHL schedulers up the side of the head. Seriously, 2 California road trips with only 1 week between them? Of course, it doesn't help that the Canucks have been terrible on these road trips lately, and our boys need to snap that California skid before it gets any worse.

The first opportunity is tonight, when they visit the Kings. LA sits only 2 points ahead of us, same number of games played, and a worse ROW count. Once again, we see ourselves in the same position as 2 weeks ago: a regulation win by the Canucks would allow us to rise above the wild card spot.

Coconuts go!