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Holden McGroin: An In Depth Look At NHL Injuries

There is a website out there called Undisclosed Injury that tackles and explains NHL injuries in depth. I just want to give a shout out to Eric Morris of that site. I think it's a wonderful idea to have a site like that and I do not think I have seen one that is more in depth about injuries than that site. We Canucks fans are quite accustomed to groin injuries. Especially in the Stanley Cup Finals, right Dan?

Hamhuis is now just starting to employ the hipcheck again, most recently on Blues' Maxim Lapierre:

It's a beautiful thang. It gets the crowd on their feet. But it's a risky play. As Hammer told the Province funny guys Legion Of Blog and the media:

"I think that injury shook me up a little bit as far as that play. I’ve slowly started to get back into it over the course of this year. There were a couple of little ones I tried early.

"Tonight was probably (one of the bigger ones). You have to be confident when you’re going in for that hip check. There’s so much that goes into it, making sure you’re not too low.

"It’s a full commitment check. If you miss, the guy is in one a breakaway. It’s one you have to feel confident doing."

Yea, it's gotta hurt when it makes a player that gun-shy to use it for over 2 years.

I wouldn't say there is "nothing" worse than a hurting groin, but it sure does suck losing your range of motion from it. Luongo is all too familiar with this injury as well, as are many other goaltenders / NHL players, as Undisclosed Injury points out.