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Gauging Canucks Fans' Optimism / Pessimism

Bruce Bennett

I really don't sense a lot of optimism when I talk to Canucks fans, either on the streets of Smithers or online. Here are the current Western Conference standings:

 photo weststandingsjan2014_zpsc01e0136.jpg

So the Canucks now head back to California to face the demonized Kings and Ducks in their next 2 games. These 2 games are going to be a big factor in fans' and media's perspective on how the team holds up against the power houses of the Pacific Division. Let's get you up to date on how the Canucks fare against those 2 teams.

Besides the Sharks, the Kings appear to be the biggest nuisance to the Canucks lately. But the Canucks are 2-2-2 in their last 6 regular season games against them. They are 1-2-1 at the Staples Center in their last 4 there.

The Canucks are 0-1-1 against the Ducks this season. They are 3-5-1 in their last 9 against them. But they are 3-2-1 in their last 6 at the Pond. Not bad at all. So it all comes down to perception right?

The pessimists will say the Canucks are doomed regardless. They will say this Canucks team isn't good enough to make the playoffs or will not do any damage even if they make the dance. I think that is silly thinking to a degree. It's the Tony Gallagher-train of thought:

There is this nagging feeling when you watch the Vancouver Canucks that they are fading like the sun in Sweden in mid-December, and there’s very little they can do about it this season.

Sure, it was nice to beat one of the better teams in the league Friday night, but they caught the Blues on the second night of a back-to-back, and the way they were dominated in the first period they could easily have come away down two or three goals had they been less fortunate.

The days of this team being able to compete with the best are almost certainly slipping away, and there could be further proof Monday night if they are cuffed around the way they were the last time they went into Staples Arena to play the Kings.

Jeeziz. Stick a fork in him. He is done. Put him out of his f*cking misery.

The flipped side of the coin is the optimistic card. I understand that the pessimistic card is easier to play, and I sometimes fall into that category. But lately I see a solid Canucks team. Sure, they have to learn how to defend leads and that they did against the Blues last game. Was it a stressful way of going about it? Sure. But who cares? They got the job done.

Some might say that the imminent return of Alexandre Burrows will be a shot of crack into this team. Well, Burrows has no goals, 3 assists and is a -7 in 17 games this season. Not impressive in the least. Zach Dalpe looked good with the Twins last game.It deserves another look. Burrows is not slated to return for at least a week. So how about we just live in the moment? We beat the kick ass Blues last game. STFU about their back to back game scenario, Tony. It matters not.

This Canucks team had a 10-1-2 record in December, and that wasn't against all shitty teams either. That was not with the regular roster either.

Am I missing something? This Canucks team may be 7th in the Western Conference standings, but they look like a good team to me.

I do want a tweak in the top 6 before the trade deadline though. I want another top 6 forward for depth purposes. What say you?

What say you?

Let it all out!