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Young Stars Tournament Open Thread

Jamie Squire

Zany update:

This game thread will be the hub for all of the Canucks games at the Youngstars Tournament. Here is a schedule graphic from

The Tournament schedule, game results / boxscores and more can be found here.

Here's Frankie Corrado mic'd up:


7:30pm, (go there for a live stream)

As Vancitydan previewed on Wednesday (totally worth reading, btw), the Youngstars Tournament in Penticton kicks off tonight with the Canucks prospects playing the Sharks prospects.

Well, here's an open thread to talk about the game. If it gets busy, I'll post new gamethreads for each game. If not, we can use this thread for the entire tournament. Be sure to check out the opposition at Fear The Fin and Battle of California, our new "division" rivals, for tonight's game.

Coconuts go!!