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Shinkaruk And Horvat Remain As The Season Starts...But For How Long?

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From Derek Jory at

Two players remain wide-eyed and as smiley as ever in the Canucks dressing room: Bo Horvat and Hunter Shinkaruk.

After Brendan Gaunce, Zach Hamill and Frankie Corrado were re-assigned Thursday night, Horvat and Shinkaruk are the only rookies remaining in camp (with the exception of Eddie Lack). Coach Tortorella said he isn’t sure what his opening line-up will be, so he isn’t sure if either of the 2013 draftees will dress against the San Jose Sharks next Thursday, but they deserve to be here right now.

"They’ve had good camps, they’re the ones that are standing still as far as the kids, I felt they’ve done more compared to the others," assessed Tortorella. "I thought all the kids had good camps and this was a really good experience for them, we’ll keep these two and where they sit as we keep on going, I don’t know, again I’ve got to be really careful keeping players around just to practice. They need to play. So we’ll make our decisions as we keep on going here."

I can keep this fairly short. The answer to how long Horvat and Shinkaruk remain with the team really comes down to a few things:

  • The length of Zack Kassian's suspension, which will cause him to miss the first 5 games of the regular season.
  • I'd say the length of Dale Weise's suspension, but his suspension lifts effective immediately.
  • The amount of time Jordan Schroeder will miss with his ankle injury.

Unless a trade happens, which is entirely possible over the next few days, the futures of Horvat and Shinkaruk are spelled out already. Neither will burn their 9-game NHL stint dollars if and when the three aforementioned players return. If you had to pick a guy who would stick it would be winger Shinkaruk, as the Canucks will have enough centermen.

Hypothetically, the opening night roster up front looks like this:





You can see where that is heading already, The Canucks will ice some more youth in the absences of Kassian and Schroeder. Shinkaruk and Horvat will see ice time during those absences....mostly. But when the team the roster is "normal" again..Hunter and Bo will be sent down.

So much for the youth movement...unless a trade happens.

I just want to gauge something with you all....Is Eddie Lack ready to back up Roberto Luongo? If he isn't, THAT is where a trade takes place...or a free agent signing under $3 million.