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The 4th Big Question Facing The Vancouver Canucks

Rich Lam

I am going to post a question asked in detail by Nucks Misconduct member Attila S in reply to Yankee Canuck's excellent "Three Big Questions Facing The Vancouver Canucks post found here.

I'd add a fourth question. Is the Sedin Factor still a dominating factor, in the future success of the Canucks?

Simply put, can the Sedins keep up their goal/point production, in the next couple of years? This is a huge question, because their consistent success in the regular season, and their dominating presence in their division, all boiled down to the fact that the Sedins were carrying this team in the goal scoring department.

If their production drops, as little as 10-15%, and there is no new rising star who can fill that hole, this team will go dow faster than you can say Hindenburg (pun intended). We saw a glimpse of that in the past few playoffs, when as soon as the Sedins faded a little, there was nobody to step up and fill the hole.
We need those goals, and the old mentality that the other lines are doig well as long as they "supplement" our first line with a few extra goals, is quickly becoming obsolete. We need a couple of emerging scoring machines, who can transition this team out of relying on the Sedins for scoring.

The question is, who on the current roster can do that? If the answer is "we are not sure", than we better start looking for that special "Hossa/Datsyuk-type" player (and remember, that we are talking about TWO players here, where the sum is greater than the two individuals, due to perfect chemistry). There may still be time to groom a young kid, or if that is not a feasible option, then fill in a bunch of position with lower priced young players, and step-by-step, make cap room for a big trade.

The Sedins may turn out to be as durable and long-lasting as we hope them to be, in which case we can re-gain our elite status under the fresh guidance of Tortorella, and have a nice and comfortable lead time to re-stock the team with a few exceptional young forwards. But if the brothers lose their edge, that made them so great in the past, then we are in trouble. This season will give us a good indication, one way or the other.

Are there any other crucial questions that you guys think will have a deciding factor, in the future of this team?