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Canucks Beat Up On The Rangers (Video Highlights) + More Canucks News

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Once again, I did not watch this game as I am on holidays, but it appears I missed somewhat of an ass-kicking by the Canucks against their former coach Alain Vigneault and his Rangers. 5-0. Check it out:

LUUUUUUUUUUU! So...the offense seemed gold. The powerplay looked terrific...but I saw some bad stuff there in regards to team defence. Leave it to Roberto Luongo to have a stellar night. But bad defence...that has plagued this team especially in the last 2 seasons, especially with the odd man rushes against. Fear not! Our new beloved coach John Tortorella is going to hammer it home one way or another. Check out the beauty post game press conference:

Love it! John's team wins 5-0 but he's not content. That is EXACTLY what this team needs. I think this guy is the right fit and have always felt that way. The team needs stiffer defence as a whole. Love his press conferences because of his honesty and diagnostics. You win 3-0 and your defence sucked? F*** it! Play better!

In that presser Torts revealed that Frank Corrado and Brendan Gaunce have been cut. The coach liked Gaunce's speed. So did I. Corrado, who had a goal and an assist against the Rangers, was sent to Utica mostly because he did not make the top 6 and he needs to play big minutes to boost his confidence. So I guess we know the Canucks' top 6 defencemen on opening night, don't we?

Poor Frankie....he didn't see it coming....

Hang in there Frankie! You are going to be an NHL regular soon enough.

Gaunce to the OHL's Belleville Bulls by the way. Also demoted yesterday was Zach Hamil to the Comets.


Jordan Schroeder is on crutches after blocking a shot in preseason action against the Oilers a week ago. He has a hairline fracture in his foot and will be sidelined for 3 weeks.