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Chris Higgins Is Gonna Score 246 Goals This Season Plus More Canucks News


Proof from Saturday's scrimmage:

All kidding aside, it would be great to see Higgy improve his output under Tortorella. Isn't it great to see Roberto Luongo making those saves again? And how about that goal by Brad Richardson? Wooeee!

A 30 minute clip of coverage of Saturday's scrimmage can be found here.

Here are John Tortorella's thoughts about Chris Higgins and the scrimmage:


According to Jason Botchford, the Canucks and Sedin camp had serious contract extension talks beginning last week, and that it looks as though a deal will be in place soon. Botch thinks it's a 5-year deal worth about the same money as they make now ($6.1 million each) and lower dollars in the final year of the contract. More from Botchford here.

A 5-year deal will take them to the age of 37 after which, as they have stated before, they want to play a few years in Sweden before retiring.


The Sun's Elliot Papp has a great piece up about Mike Santorelli and his efforts to make the team. Check it out.

Good to see some hockey talk from the MSM! Keep it up, boys! No Tony Gallagher I will not link to your article.


Wyatt Arndt may have created the best game review I have ever seen. His in-depth analysis of NHL 14 is gold. (Legion Of Blog)

Personally, I am going to skip NHL 14 for now, and I don't skip buying these games all that often. Still fully immersed in NHL 13 and I am gonna be devoting all my free time to Grand Theft Auto 5 in a few days.

Didn't we used to post music videos on here?

OK, I got one!