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Will Tim Thomas Play In The West?

"I got it! Shit! Wraparound! Nooooooooooooo!"
"I got it! Shit! Wraparound! Nooooooooooooo!"
Harry How

Tim Thomas' agent Thomas Lehto told Vancouver's News1130 that his client is speaking to multiple teams in regards to a contract to play in the NHL again this season but there is a stipulation: Thomas wants to be a #1 goalie in this League. That really narrows down the playing field to teams like Florida, Calgary or Colorado, as Sportsnet's Luke Fox reports. Calgary and Colorado intrigue me. That would mean the Canucks would see a lot more of their nemesis from the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. A Finals that was not short of drama between the two teams with Timmy being at the forefront of much of it.

Remember this?

Nevermind the Luongo "pumping tires" crap after that.

Or this?

C'mon, lighten up, that's some funny shiz right there.

How about this?

Or this:

You're gonna answer for that one day, Timmy. Maybe sooner than you think if you sign in the West.

But we all know the very best Timmy moments from that Final are this:

And this:

And this:

In no chronological order but who cares? At least we got some good memories out of Timmah.

An interesting Tweet from News1130 today:

Can totally speculate on that one, but we know Thomas is not going to play here because of the #1 goalie stipulation thingy. But wouldn't a Lou-Timmy combo be lethal? I don't care about his political or religious beliefs or age even (39). I salivate at that thought.


Some sad news today:

Keep your head up, Manny!