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Open Thread For August 30 And Beyond: Name Your Top 3 Favorite Drinks

There is no rum in that barrel. Only the blood of Blackhawks.
There is no rum in that barrel. Only the blood of Blackhawks.

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Diet Coke. It has to be Diet Coke though. It just doesn't taste as zingy with regular Coke or Coke Zero, or even caffeine-free Coke for that matter. The DC gives it that bite. I never discovered the Captain until several years ago, hanging out with a Newfie who happened to be dating my youngest sister. His family had given him every type of Captain Morgan flavors to take home to Smithers with him after he visited them on the East Coast. On his front porch we partook in the Lord's Supper, trying every kind. The Spiced Rum stuck and that was that. I saw the light, halleluiah!

I don't drink as much now as I used to. I spread it out more. You can't raise kids with a hangover, unless you have absurd stamina and a liver that works like a fiend. I have neither.

So, less of this:

I rarely drink much else. I released the Kraken for the first time a couple weeks ago and forgot how I got home. The difference between 35% alcohol and 40% alcohol is quite a bit! The Kraken was a jump from 35 - 50%! What the hell was I thinking? I do remember that the Kraken was not all that bad, though. Where, Sailor Jerry's is just wrong.

If a I had to list off 2 more:

2. Crown Royal and Coke or Diet Coke. Gotta be careful though. To quote a friend of mine: I get into fights with myself when I drink to much of that stuff.

3. Labbatt's Blue over a game of golf on a warm summer day. Real golf, not PS3. I love that feeling after 4 beers where you can see clearly and the golf game improves dramatically. I hate how the game deteriorates after 6 beers.

So let's hear your top 3 alcoholic drinks of choice! If you are male and drink those mix drinks through a straw I am pulling out the gay penalty card! Did I say that out loud?

We don't discriminate here, for real. If you don't drink alcohol at all, feel free to share your top 3 non-alcoholic drinks, and tell me how you handle the stress of watching the Canucks in the playoffs.

Happy long weekend to all!! I'm taking my son to the Telkwa demolition derby this weekend so he can watch car wrecks and his daddy beat up on hipsters.