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Zanstorm's Video Classics: Canucks-Penguins 1996

The 1995-96 season what a terrible one for the Canucks. One thing I always remember about the Canucks in the mid-late 90's was how sh*t-awful their team defence was. This highlight video puts that on display. No the quality is not all that superb, but I never had cable growing up. We had rabbit ears. The hockey highlights I could watch were on BCTV News Hour Final. John McKeachie would do sports at about 11:50 pm so I'd stay up and watch.

Anyway, check out the ass-kicking the Penguins put on the Canucks in this one. Mario Lemieux's goal was one of the top 10 of his career.

Ah, look at Markus Naslund in a Penguins uni. Puke! I believe this game took place on February 26, 1996. About a month later at the trade deadline, Naslund was traded to Vancouver in exchange for Alex Stojanov in a deal that still has Pens fans scratching their heads and Canucks fans laughing.

Yea...f---- you Pittsburgh!