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#FreeYost: Is Sens Owner Eugene Melnyk Behind Hacks On A Blogger?

Sens blogger Travis Yost has always been a no-punches-pulled kind of guy when it comes to criticizing his team. It looks like a recent series of posts at about the fishy money issues surrounding Senators owner Eugene Melnyk appear to have led to Yost coming under attack from hackers based inside the Ukraine. And it's sure starting to look like that trail leads back Melnyk.

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this was seriously the only pic we had in the system of Melnyk...
this was seriously the only pic we had in the system of Melnyk...
Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photo

If you're on Twitter, you may want to log in and follow this story, as it seems to be breaking in real time.  First of all though you need to read this post by Yost to get you up to speed on this story.  All of Yost's Hockey Buzz posts are gone, and the original post explaining what had happened was taken down too.  I am sure it's only a matter of time before the link I posted is gone, and they've shut down his Twitter.  Sens blogger Radek Bonk's Mullet had me fooled when he claimed they had taken out a post, my bad for not remembering who was making that post.

I want to be clear here: I am not making any accusation against Melnyk, simply passing along information that has been posted by Yost.  But if what we are seeing really is what's happening, this is a scary thing, and certainly something that could blow up into something messy for Melnyk, the Sens, and the NHL.

More on this as it develops.