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Open Thread: 3 Things To Do Before You Croak

Time for a new open thread! The first ice-breaker that came to mind was a bucket list kind of thang. Name the 3 things you want to do before you become worm food, or head to purgatory, or whatever you believe.


3. See Slayer live. Oh nevermind. Slayer is not Slayer without Jeff Hanneman, rest his soul.

See the Beastie Boys live. BAH! The Beasties are not Beastie without MCA. Curse you life you are so unfair!

Hmmm....Oh yes, I would like to get really good at surfing so I can one day tackle a wave like this:


Insane in the membrane!

2. Stay at a cottage at the base of the Dolomite Mountains in Italy.


Is that a thing of beauty or what? Ever since I was a wee tot I had a poster with those buildings and the Dolomites in the background. I always stared at the poster and dreamed I was there. Some day I will go there and then I can point my finger at the poster and say "I was RIGHT THERE!"

1. Witness a tornado up close. Weather fascinates me. I love storms. They get me off. The only storms I see up here in Smithers are wind, snow, rain and thunder / lightning storms. I have some good pics taken of lightning. I want to feel the power of a tornado. I almost went on a Cloud 9 stormchasing tour once but didn't have enough money. It was over $2000 at the time, and of course, you were not guaranteed to see a twister...because that's how nature is. I love tornados so much that I can watch the movie Twister over and over again even though it's a bloody awful film.

I left out Salma Hayek because I am married, heheh. My wife is great.

Enough about me. Let's hear YOUR top 3 things to do before you check into maggot hotel, meet Jesus, or whatever.