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August 15 And Beyond Open Thread: What's The Last Movie You Saw In A Theater?

How has your summer been? Seeing some orange and yellow leaves and getting that "oh shit" feeling yet? I'm not ready for summer to be over. We still have not gone on our yearly vacation, but plan to next month. We have to go to the city (Vancouver) especially for the sake of my wife, who loves it. I don't. I was born and raised a country boy. I can spend about 3 days max in Vancouver and then need to get the hell out. It's not my style. The pace is too fast. People are too impatient. I like being in Vancouver between 12 and 3 in the morning, with a bunch of drinks in me. It seems that at that time, there are a hell of a lot less people in the streets and everyone is more friendly. Plus I like the city lights. Other than that, give me the small town living.

I don't spend much time with my wife and kids Monday to Friday because of work. But I do take my oldest son (2.5 years) biking about 5 times a week in the evenings. He loves to see the trains take off from the station. "Wow!" he says. "Choo choo!". Then we bike down trails and through town.My wife found a kick ass spot by the river where we took the kids several times during the 3 week heat and drought we had here recently. That was chillin'.

I am quite an introvert. So, it's work, family and not much else. No, that's not always healthy, I get it.

Ever since James Gandolfini died I have been watching The Sopranos for the first time. Love it. I'm on season 3 episode 9. I love the Gandolfini-Lorraine Bracco combo.  I watch these later at night before I go to bed. We canceled the satellite TV because TV without hockey is dog shit. Am I the only one around here who is sick to death of f###ing commercials? Screw it! That's what the internet is for! The wife is fully anticipating the next season of Homeland. We both can agree that Game Of Thrones kicks ass. But that next season is a long long ways away.

Speaking of shows, that leads me to the main open thread question:

What was the last movie you saw in a theater? (Hat tip to Thursday for the idea).

Last flick I saw in the Roi Theater in downtown Smithers was World War Z and I loved it. It's got nothing on 28 Days Later or Zombieland, but still very damned entertaining!

Hope all of you are as well as can be!

I'm out!