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Report: KHL And Swiss League Eyeing Tanev

Bruce Bennett

As originally reported by Sportsnet today:

So yes, that's his agent talking to perhaps push the Canucks' management to sign the kid. Those leagues are most likely interested in most of the remaining RFA's and UFA's. It is clear that there is a stalemate between the two camps on a new contract. We don't know how big the void is, but we do know that the Canucks do not have a lot of cap space left to fill out their roster, more-than-likely causing further problems in the negotiations process.

Sure, the KHL and Swiss won't have any problem tossing more money at Tanev than what the Canucks can give. Is this all a big cause for concern? Maybe. If another defenceman can rise up at Camp, it will likely change things. If no prospect arises, then the Canucks really need to sign a defenceman that they know is money in the bank with his consistency and solid play. It's either that or trade him. They can not lose him for nothing.

From the Province this evening:

“No, it doesn’t change anything,” said Gilman. “If he goes, he goes. We have to run a business here and we operate within a system. We want to get him signed. He’s a valued member of our organization.

“But there has to be mutual assent to get a contract done. There’s still a lot of time to camp, and we’re optimistic it’ll get done.”

Gilman acknowledged the club is looking to add another NHL-calibre defenceman to fill out the team’s blue-line roster, but said that would have no impact on the Tanev negotiations. According to online NHL salary tracker CapGeek, the Canucks have $4.3 million in cap space, but have just six D-men under contract for next season, when the usual number is eight.

More on that here.