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Dale Weise Files For Arbitration

Because the universe will not let Mike Gillis enjoy his summer.


It appears fourth line right winger Dale Weise is electing to have a tense discussion with Canucks management and a neutral third party over in Toronto about his financial status:

This should ring familiar. Weise elected to take the team to arbitration last year too and settled with the team a few days before the meeting on a one year / one way deal for $615,000. Weise was recently qualified for $676,500 and last week there were rumors of a new deal in the works.

Pure speculation, but perhaps Vancouver backed away from the number Weise's camp while waiting out the first days of free agency and, more importantly, the Chris Tanev contract situation. If so this move is largely procedural and fits in with upholding Weise's rights.

Digging deeper into the actual arbitration process shows it's largely a game of comparables based on rudimentary statistics (for a much deeper dive, check out this Jeff Angus post on a mock arbitration process from last month). No one is confusing Weise to be on the verge of becoming a bonafide power forward so big money or long terms aren't expected. I'm curious what effect seeing linemate Tom Sestito - an older player with half as many career games under his belt commanding a two-year deal worth $750,000 - had on this process. Not precisely a direct comparison (Sestito was a UFA), but Weise probably has enough on his side to move closer to the $700,000 mark.

There's no reason to assume the difference in expectations between both sides is substantial. Unless it is, or unless Mike Gillis really is pinching those pennies loonies until the Tanev situation is settled, it's likely the two sides will settle before their arbitration date next month.