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Alex Edler: "I will remain in Vancouver"

Reports out of Sweden are the defenseman is happy to stay put, doesn't know much about Torts.


Whether Alex Edler would remain a part of the Vancouver organization was a big story at the draft, namely because his NMC hadn't kicked in yet. During the start of free agency, it remained a card on the table for Gillis to move his young defender to free up some cap space, but would obviously have to get him to waive the NMC to do so.

Reports from Sweden's Mittmedia AB this morning - and picked up by - suggest Edler is happy to remain in Vancouver. Some translation goofs are included below, apologies beforehand:

Östersund guy wrote a six-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks worth SEK 195 million which kicked in on July 3 this year. The contract has a clause that says Alexander Edler may not be threaded away. But it has nevertheless continued to rumors that he will change clubs address (which is possible if Edler himself agrees). Clubs like the Detroit Red Wings, Anaheim Ducks and Montreal Canadiens have been interested in the Vancouver slope. Montreal and Detroit will also have budat on Jämtlander.

- But I will remain in Vancouver. I know there have been some rumors about other clubs. But I do not know what they are worth, he says.

How does it feel to stay in Vancouver?

- It feels really good. I like it in Vancouver and the idea has always been that I'll be left behind, he says.

Alexander Edler go back to Canada in August to include being with the team's camp. Then he also hit Canucks newly appointed coach, John Tortorella, former New York Rangers.

- I do not know much about him. But sometimes this kind of change can be good. Everyone is tense and excited for the next season, he says.

So that answers that...or at least until he's on the receiving end of Red Bull-induced Tortorella rant and runs screaming for his mother.

I'd like to use this opportunity to table a potential 2013-14 Vancouver Canucks slogan: "Everyone is tense." Run with it!