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Canucks Will Go With Youth To Fill Out Their Roster

No cap space means youth will be served

Jamie Sabau

Youth will be served. You can pretty much bank on it. Unless the Canucks move a player like Alexander Edler, who has a no-trade clause, they are stuck at, according to Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun:

Ballard's compliance buyout, which will be completed on Thursday, frees up $4.2 million of cap space for the Canucks. But that only leaves Vancouver with $7.497 million of cap space with seven roster spots left to fill to complete its 23-man roster.

A 23-player roster is the maximum under CBA rules. Would the Canucks opt to go with less players on the final roster?

Perhaps not.

If that's the case, then Chris Tanev's new contract, and who know what he will make...makes life even more complicated for the Canucks under the new lower salary cap ($64.3 million.) With that in mind, you can see why Mike Gillis preached "going with youth". You can see why the new coaching staff is good at dealing with younger players and bringing them in. The "restart" that Mike Gillis preached after last season's end all seems to be coming to fruition. The aged core of the team is what it is (and really it's not that bad, except for the limitability of their no trade clauses). But youth will be served. There is no choice. The salary cap of the Canucks allows no other method. This is not necessarily a bad thing. You can see the injection of such younger players in so many other successful teams. Time for the Canucks to get on board. Personally, I like it. The new coaching staff will guide the new youth movement.

But just so you know....given the Canucks' cap restrictions....if you expect a major free agent signing by Mike Gillis on Friday, you will most likely be disappointed. The Canucks have no cap space to dive into the big names available in the free agent market unless a trade happens to shed more cap money. I expect minor signings that will not excite most Canucks fans. But they don't understand the salary cap restrictions that the Canucks are under. There is a reason why the Canucks are not reportedly interested in the big-named UFA's out there.

This is why I would have preferred Alex Edler traded away. We don't need so much dollars tied into the defence for starters and secondly, I would love to flog a defenceman for help up front.

Are there other options out there? I don't see it.

How about Alexandre Mallet for 4th line center?