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NM Contest: Guess Chris Tanev's Upcoming Contract

Guess Chris Tanev's new contract correctly and you will win prizes!

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Canucks news is so slow in these dog days of summer, isn't it? Well, the Roberto Luongo saga is ongoing, but aside from that, Canucks fans are waiting for a resolution the Canucks - Chris Tanev contract negotiations. Now, don't believe what you are seeing on Twitter today. I am not even going to link to the rumor site or give its Twitter Shitter name. It's not to be trusted. They are saying a 3-4 year deal is done that will pay Tanev $1.8 million per season.

Personally, I sure as hell hope he doesn't get that much.

Tanev is still stuck behind guys like Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Alexander Edler and Jason Garrison. His role is a bottom 6 defenseman until an injury to the top 4 occurs.

His stats so far:

That, once again, is playing limited bottom 6 minutes. His time on ice average per game has gone up every season, however:

2010-11: 13:47 TOI

2011-12: 16:43 TOI

2012-13: 17:17 TOI

Tanev only got a miniscule amount of time on the power play in the 2012-13 season. 4:16 total to be exact. He did receive some shorthanded time on ice though: 62:09, for an average of 1:38 per game average. That's more than what Keith Ballard got. But not by much. That still only ranked him 5th in active Canucks defencemen. At some point, the Canucks are going to use him more on the special teams. But if you are looking this from a leverage perspective in Tanev's favor...well the current situation does not favor him. Tanev rarely hits. He gets hit. His give away-takeaway stats are average.

What Tanev does best is play smart. He's reliable. He makes the smart plays. He takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Why the image with a cigarette in his mouth? Because when Tanev got chucked into Game 5 of the 2011 Finals he showed so much composure that Kevin Bieksa said:

"He could have played with a cigarette in his mouth."

That's Tanev. That's what we love about him

So with all that being said, let's have a contest shall we?


Here are the rules:

  • You only get 1 guess.
  • Your guess cannot be the same as someone else's, so study the comments thread before you post.
  • Your answer needs to resemble this format: length of term and salary cap hit. For example: 3 years, $1.20 million cap hit per season. Simple as that.
  • Decimal points are gold. Go to the thousandth if you need to if somebody else is that damned close to your desired guess.
  • Even if Gillis lets him go to free agency and another team signs him, the contest remains.
  • Winner will receive the prizes listed below. Will anybody guess the exact contract? Probably.
  • If nobody does guess exactly right, the closest without going over wins. And by "going over", I mean on both the length of the deal and the cap hit.
  • If Tanev signs tomorrow I'm gonna be pissed! So get your predictions in ASAP!
  • The winner gets:

 photo 2013-14canucksseason_zps8ede2a1f.jpg're not bitter anymore right? The ride was awesome. You had a good time. Your liver died a little. Sure, she dumped your ass in the end, but YOU HAD A GOOD TIME! Pretty cool book, in mint condition. I am not asking Joe Pelletier's opinion of it though. No way. I mean, Aaron Rome is in it. What more do you want? This book is cooler than the Bible!

Oh and also, I will bring you the head of this thing:

 photo bruinsmascot_zps8f498db3.jpg

Because, once again, we are not bitter! We had a great time!