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Five Hole For Food Update

Will You Play Hockey For Food?

The Canucks Hockey Blog's Richard Loat and several companions have been holding a kick ass charitable foundation in a unique way since 2010. Loat, who is the founder of Five Hole For Food has been traveling nation-wide, playing ball hockey games and collecting food for local food banks in the process. The donations yearly since 2010 have been superb, and growing exponentially since the inception of FHFF. It's a growing phenomenon for a good cause. The founding man, Loat, is backed by various local celebs like Roberto Luongo:

and many more:

I have met Mr. Loat at the Nucks Misconduct first blogger meetup a couple years ago and this guy....he is a humble and very personable man. So...any bet I make this coming season, and I have already made a couple (Leafs will make it further this season than the Canucks will), all proceeds to any bet or open thread comment total contest whatever will go to Richard Loat's Five Hole For Food foundation this coming season. In general, we pick the Vancouver Children's Hospital but I want to change it up.

Here is the remaining schedule on Five Hole For Food's 2013 tour:

July 13th – Winnipeg – Corydon Avenue at Cockburn Street | Details
July 14th - Regina – Scarth Street Mall | Details
July 16th – Calgary – Eau Claire Market | Details
July 17th - Edmonton – Centennial Square | Details
July 19th - Victoria – Saanich Plaza | Details
July 20th – Vancouver – Granville Street | Details

Are you living near one of these cities? Head on over and kick some ass and have some fun for a good cause!

I wish I didn't live so far away. I would attend a game in Vancouver as a goaltender and shut down all who oppose.

Ha! Good on ya, Loat. Keep on kicking ass.