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July 12 And Beyond Open Thread: How's Your Summer?

Couldn't it have been a ukelele instead? Damn it!
Couldn't it have been a ukelele instead? Damn it!

Personally, I have just been working and being a dad so far this summer. With a new child seat installed on the back of my bike I can take my oldest son for rides in the evenings. He loves it. I get some fresh air. Everyone's happy. Two year old kids though...jeez...they are a handful and a half. Liam picked up a hockey stick and hit a ball for the first time last week. Poppa was proud.

Besides that, trips to the beach. Love it. I also have a green thumb. I enjoy creating and maintaining gardens and trees in my yard. Planning a trip to Kamloops, Salmon Arm, Vancouver for sometime in August.

Friday nights are all about a few drinkies and PS3. I just play retro Sega games because that's how I roll (Golden Axe FTW), Tiger Woods 13 and NHL 13 at this point. Not online though. Just can't get into that. The 1-player amuses me enough, being a GM or Pro mode,creating fantasy rosters. And speaking of PS3 - video games: I don't know if I am going to buy NHL 14 right away. I was not planning on it. Hell, NHL 13 kicks enough ass as it is. But NHL 14 has addressed a pet peeve of mine....finally...THE FIGHTING ENGINE! Check out this clip of the evolution of the fighting engine in the EA Sports franchise, with the new and kick ass NHL fight engine at the end of the clip:

Very cool. So is the "Collision Physics":

Yea yea, they have a 20 year anniversary of the celebration of NHL 94, the greatest hockey game ever made, and made a lot of the same features except with modern graphics. But I know I'd prefer the original.

Huh...screw it, I'll wait anyway because a far-more superior game is coming at soon:

Wow, are you kidding me? It's like GTA San Andreas mixed with The Sims. On crack. With crack whores. THAT is the one game I have been waiting for, for a long time. Awesome!

How is your summer going? What are you doing with your time? Any big travel plans?

And finally, check out the pipes on this one. The song is called, ah damn I forget, and her name is: it doesn't matter what her name is: