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Roberto Luongo "In Shock" After Canucks Trade Schneider

The drama seems far from over, unfortunately.

Harry How

TSN's James Duthie just got off the phone with Roberto Luongo and said that Luongo was in shock that the Canucks traded Cory Schneider at the NHL Draft today. As most people have already known for a long time, Roberto had asked to be traded in April 2012 and had basically said goodbye to the organization two seasons in a row when Schneider took over the starting job. Luongo has remained professional about this lengthy process of Mike Gillis trying to trade him. He has even been comedic on Twitter, repeatedly.

But there is no laughing from the Luongo camp today. Luongo told Duthie he will consult his agent.

Mike Gillis and John Tortorella are expected to talk to Roberto later today. They did not consult either Luongo or Schneider before pulling the trigger on the deal.

The drama is not over. Canucks management needs to convince Luongo, who had already "moved on" mentally from this organization, to stay and be the number one goaltender. Yes, Luongo is a professional who signed that contract in the first place which turned out to be an achilles heel. But management had given him an entirely different impression for a long time now and changed their mind today out of the blue.

Luongo could still demand a trade, or to get bought out or put on the waiver wire. This could get ugly. All on a day when the matter was supposed to be settled.

Luongo will not be speaking to the media at this time.

I'm sure that Gillis / Schneider convo went something like this:

Hours after the Schneider trade, Luongo composed himself a little and finally said on Twitter:

Gillis talks about the Schneider deal and how the new CBA fucked up his plans: