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2013 NHL Entry Draft Open Thread

Your Sunday funday includes future stars and scrambling GM's.

Bruce Bennett

1:30 PM PT Update: Cory Schneider Traded for the 9th overall pick, Canucks take Bo Horvat


7:20 AM PT Update: ...annnnd right out of the gate is Bobby Mac:


Mike Gills can do a lot right and a lot wrong in the next few hours. Let's hope one or two favorable decisions fall his way.

Here's the rundown; we'll update it through the afternoon:

First round pick (9th) - Bo Harvat (recap)
First round pick (24th) - Hunter Shinkaruk (recap)
Third round pick (85th) - Cole Cassels (recap)
Fourth round pick (115th) - Jordan Subban (recap)
Fifth round pick (145th) - Anton Cederholm (recap)
Sixth round pick (175th) - Mike Williamson (recap)
Seventh round pick (205th) - Miles Liberati (recap)

We took our guess at the first round pick being LW Adam Erne, so clearly that won't happen. The mothership was kind enough to produce this infographic which makes the Erne pick look even worse considering they've never taken a LW in the first round. Sigh.

Could we see a resolution to the goaltending dilemma? We took our guess it would be Schneider. Your votes leaned Luongo. So clearly that won't happen either. Sigh!

Would now be a good time to mention the Canucks still need a quality third line center? Nah, probably not.

But, hey, relevant hockey news is back. That's as good a start as any. If that's not good enough, then play the NHL Draft drinking game and take pictures of the results please. Sharing is caring.

Let's go drama...