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Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider? (Update: NEVERMIND!)

With luck, we can stop asking this question by the end of the weekend.


"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead." ― Charles Bukowski

I'm sorry friends. Here we are in Vancouver land - on the cusp of the draft when we could be talking about prospects, speculating on who to pick when, or just living in the fun moment of having F-Bomb behind the bench - but nope. We're going back to the goalies, only this time it's Ginga Bricks in play.

Because of course.

We've debated the pros and cons of each angle to the point of lunacy here, but it's fairly cut and dry:

1. Trade Luongo: The 34 year old much maligned netminder wants out and GMMG "needs" to get him out. Unfortunately the events from last summer to now have made trading Luongo next to impossible unless Gillis takes a bath and eats a bad contract in return. The goalie market is a bit more saturated than it used to be and the Bernier trade takes one notable suitor off the table. With no obvious takers coupled with some obvious cap problems (which includes $9.3 million combined in net alone) the last option is buying Luongo out and Gillis said no to that already. Of course he may not have a choice.

2. Trade Schneider: 27 years old with two years left on an $8 million dollar deal, he's the much more attractive of the two. Imagine the yield Gillis would receive packaging someone like Alex Edler with Schneider? But the Canucks would then be left with Luongo who - while still quite capable of carrying the team - has been burned enough that you have to wonder what happens if he gets shellacked a few more times again. It also means Eddie Lack (or someone else) better be ready to step up now and be properly groomed as the starter 3-5 years down the line. If you believe Schneider is the real deal already, are you ready to watch him prove that elsewhere?

3. Move them both: Well that would certainly take the focus off Tortorella for awhile, huh?

4. Keep them both. Again: I hate you.

In a sense, the Canucks are still holding strong no matter which road they take. Take a bath on Luongo, hand the keys over to Schneider and Torts gets a focused team in September. Move Schenider and the team would get a badly needed injection of youth and perhaps a prospect or roster player as well. The worst case scenario is keeping them both for another season and Gillis would be basically begging to be fired if he tossed that card on the table again.

I'm willing to believe the best option remains Luongo heads out the door. Certainly not because he's bad, but the writing has been on the wall long enough and everyone deserves a fresh start. Gillis can dangle Schneider for due diligence all he wants, but I think his vision of younger and stronger begins from the net out.

Then again, this is the Canucks we're talking about. Who would have thought - even a year ago - that the possibility of getting nothing for Luongo would be a realistic option?

Should be an interesting few days ahead.