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Create Your 2013-14 Salary Cap-Compliant Canucks Team!

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Rich Lam

It's a little more complicated to create your salary cap-compliant Canucks team this time around. There is a new collective bargaining agreement. The salary cap is going to drop from $70.2 million to $64.3 million for the 2013-14 NHL season. That puts the Canucks in a bit of a pickle. Or not. It depends on how you want the team to be created and managed going forward. Under the new CBA, teams can execute TWO compliance buyouts up until the 2014 off season. Teams can eliminate TWO player contracts off their books that they do not want. There are financial cap implications long term if...say...the team buys out a player with a front-loaded deal (Luongo, Lecavalier, Hossa) and the player retires before his original contract expires. But in the meantime, there is no cap hit on a compliance buyout.

With that in mind...

Create your Vancouver Canucks 2013-14 salary cap - compliant roster! You can be as creative and / or realistic as you like.

Let me be of some assistance, with the help of

Canucks' Unrestricted Free Agents

Derek Roy

Manny Malhotra

Mason Raymond

Maxim Lapierre

Steve Pinizzotto

Andrew Alberts

Cam Barker

Andrew Ebbett

Jim Vandermeer

Guillaume Desbiens

Andrew Gordon

Canucks' Restricted Free Agents

Dale Weise

Chris Tanev

Derek Joslin

Bill Sweatt

Kellan Lain

Jordan Schroeder

Stefan Schneider

Anton Rodin (gone to Sweden)

Darren Archibald

Yann Sauve

Prabb Rai

So...currently...the Canucks have $31,420,000 locked up in 9 forwards (Sedin, Sedin, Burrows, Kesler, Booth, Higgins, Hansen, Kassian and Sestito. They have $23,449,444 locked up in 6 defencemen (Edler, Bieksa, Garrison, Hamhuis, Ballard and Corrado). Also, $9,333,333 locked up in 2 goaltenders (Luongo and Schneider). That's 17 players total. Not exactly a full NHL roster with only $47,222 left in cap space. Peanuts!!!

This team needs another 3-4 forwards and / or 1 more defenceman still to start the 2013-14 season. See what I mean? Not easy. Buyouts or high dollar contracts need to be traded or bought out to create cap space. Do your damndest! Buy out whoever you want. Trade whoever you want to. Let's see YOUR moves as an armchair Canucks General Manager!

Side note: David Booth CANNOT be bought out as he is still on the long term injury reserve list. What is Chris Tanev going to make going forward? Expect salary arbitration for him and the Canucks retaining him no matter the cost.

Isn't this fun?

Post your roster in the comments section. Also, feel free to add your comments / explanations on who and why certain players were let go, or traded, or bought out...etc. Let's have some damn fun and engage in conversation.

The NHL Entry Draft will be held on Sunday, and who knows what will happen with Roberto Luongo by then. You can always alter your roster if swift changes occur. I have a funny feeling that Italian f***er is getting bought out. Bless his heart.

When entering your roster, put the dollar values for each player in parenthesis behind their name. Also, enter the cap total at the end of your comment post.

Ready? GO!

My Canucks team would look like this:

Daniel Sedin ($6.1) – Hank ($6.1) -Booth ($4.25)
Higgins ($2.5) – Kesler ($5.0) – Burrows ($4.5)
Kassian ($0.87) – Matthias ($2.8) – Hansen ($1.35)
Sestito ($0.75) – Steckel ($1.2) -Weise ($0.85)

Bieksa ($4.6) – Hamhuis ($4.5)
Garrison ($4.6) – Murray ($3.4)
Corrado ($0.599) -Tanev ($1.8)
Alberts ($1.5)

Schneider ($4.0)
Eriksson ($0.925)


Luongo bought out.
Edler and Schroeder traded to Florida for Shawn Matthias, a prospect and a pick
Steckel is a faceoff god cuz you know, that shit matters