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MSG's Behind The Bench With John Tortorella

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Rich Lam

I have already been blowing smoke up John Tortorella's ass as the new Canucks' coach because the general perception of Torts in the media is Tort's actions in front of the media. Well, f*ck the media! You want to see a real look into John's coaching mind? Well MSG Network has a segment called Behind The Bench that has an excellent feature on Tortorella back in February. Ever notice how Alain Vigneault's tactics were somewhat secretive? We never saw any in-depth insight into his strategies? Well, John Tortorella is the extreme opposite. Sure, he disses media after a loss because he hates losing, and the media asks stupid fucking questions. But in the right situation where an interviewer is asking the right questions, Torts is very descriptive and precise about his techniques and strategies.

Check out these clips of Tortorella's appearance on MSG's Behind the bench:

Oh hey! A Mike Keenan appearance!

You have to appreciate Torts' honesty. Love the video reviews.

I am still stoked about Tortorella as a Canucks coach. I hope these clips served as some insight into the new Canucks' coach. Clearly, Mike Gillis saw this technical side of John Tortorella and that's why he got the job.

A huge stick tap to reggiedunlop for posting the links to these clips in the comments section in my other Tortorella spanky post.