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A More Balanced View Of John Tortorella

Woa woa woa. All you are seeing in the media is chaos with the Canucks potentially hiring John Tortorella as the next coach. Please allow me to give you some perspective.

Oh how ironic and stuff
Oh how ironic and stuff

Sensationalism. That is what the media is all about. That is generally what social media is all about. When John Tortorella came to Vancouver for the third time today, most-likely to work out a contract with the Canucks, much of the media knew he was coming, thanks in large part to social media. Somebody had tweeted that they saw Torts on a plane on their way to Vancouver and asked him if he was the new coach of the Canucks. All Tortorella did was wink. At YVR Torts was whisked past security and got the hell out of there.

Ever since he was even mentioned as an option and a candidate to coach the Canucks, the Vancouver fans and media alike jumped all over the easiest things to dissect or critique about the man:

  • that he has a fiery temper
  • that he is bad with the media
  • that he is hard on his players
  • that he could cause chaos with the team and the team could plummet as it did in the Mike Keenan days

So much damned negativity. This is why I hate the media in general, and yes that includes social media. Always the negative. Hey, I understand how people can jump on that wagon when all we are being shown about Johnny Boy are things like this:

Yea yea yea, he's a dick, right? We're going to judge his personality and and tenure here because of his presence in front of the media? Because he benches his star player in a playoff elimination game? How well is that kind of hard ass personality going to go over in Vancouver? Are we to worry about the Sedins and Kesler because the Nazi is coming?

Give me a break. (By the way, I would think Kesler will be Tortorella's fave player).

These are millionaire professional hockey players. In Vancouver, I can appreciate what Mike Gillis has done to nurture these players and give them sleep doctors, a super cushy player hangout / workout area in Rogers Arena. It can and did attract players here I am sure. But there comes a time when "cushy" is not cool. There comes a time when millionaire players, who are no different than you and I at our own respective jobs, need a kick in the ass. To get forced out of their comfort zone. To go out there and give more than they have been giving. To have a foot implanted into their ass.

I don't know Alain Vigneault. All I can do is speculate that his style and methods became outdated here. That he was a part of the "cushy atmosphere" problem. That he let the team leaders lead. That worked in 2011. But not over the last two seasons. All we saw was an inconsistent team that was not playing to their potential. Autonomy. Is that the word for Vigneault's approach? For some of the star players...yes.

Well take a look at Tortorella's approach when things are not going according to plan:

Unfortunately, we have no footage of AV in the dressing room when the team is stinking it up. We just heard of bag skates and demotions to players not named Sedin or Kesler, and line juggling. I have a feeling AV did not give many fiery speeches like the one in the clip above. But as I said, we never heard or saw any of that. Not that I am aware of, anyway.

Get over the players' feelings with a hard-nosed coach coming in. Get over the "he's gonna f*ck up the locker room". What do you want as a Canucks fan? What do you want most? A Stanley Cup. This team is now needing the hard-assed coach. The cycle of leadership has come to this. (Keenan-Renney-Crawford-Vigneault...see a trend there?) Let me ask you this: can you count how many times you wanted the Sedins benched over the past two seasons for lousy shifts? For the second power play unit to start first on a power play because the top unit shit the bed? Well, you are about to see it happen, and we all know that AV wouldn't make that decision enough. If the Sedins stink it up they are going to hear about it. Does that disturb you? Well then you are not understanding what it takes for a team to win. I don't care if they are nice guys. They are not immune to having bad shifts. They should not be immune to hearing about it from the coach. The best part about that? They are professionals. They KNOW THIS. Most embrace being challenged. That's what got them to where they are today.

Now, in regards to the media having to deal with Tortorella's answers or lack thereof: I don't care! How many of you are sick of stupid pen and pad questions and answers after games? I am sick of it. Tortorella, who is passionate about winning and losing hates idiotic questions in post game scrums. I would too. You ever have to deal with people asking you stupid questions after a shitty day? I do all the time. I hate it. You can say that Tortorella should be more professional in his post game scrums and be more respectful, as this is part of his job. F*ck that! It's as simple as this: Vancouver sports media personnel should be frothing at the mouth at Tortorella coming here. They are going to get a huge increase in soundbytes and page views as a result. Nobody offers better soundbytes in NHL hockey than John Tortorella. So don't feel sorry for the Vancouver media.

And now I have a video that I want to share with you. This is John Tortorella being interviewed on the Costas Tonight Show on the NBC Network. This is John Tortorella removed from the intensity of a game and answering un-idiotic questions. This is the John Tortorella that you need to get to know. F*ck the rest of the media. F*ck everyday Joe Twitter comments. This interview really tells you what he is all about and why he is the way he is:

Awesome. This guy is my new hero. I agree with absolutely everything he said. He is everything that I want in a Canucks coach. WIN. Just f*cking WIN. Idiot reporters are idiots. Doesn't want to give reporters information and does not have to. Sticks to his guns. No bullshit. Just WIN. I'm stoked. Are you?

 photo tortscup_zps840be538.jpg

How about now? No? How about I give you some comments left by Rangers fans on our site today:

I liked Torts with NYR....

If your coach isnt willing to go to war for you then you have the wrong coach. Never seen a coach as emotionally involved with his team.

by Hank The Tank 30 on Jun 21, 2013 | 1:05 PM

Hey Guys

IF TORTS is on his best behavior with the media in Vancouver you will probably love the guy.

For most Ranger fans, it was a love/hate relationship, he can be egregiously stubborn sometimes, but at the same time can really help develop some younger players and grow certain types of players.

for example, Torts is the main reason Brandon Prust got paid the way he is paid in Montreal right now.

The way he doesn’t take anything from players and gives ice time in accordance with effort is refreshing, although he does play favorites sometimes to the point where it is jaw dropping and face palm material he generally makes good decisions.

(Who is this guy? SHUSH! Killing my mojo!)

Ranger fan here

You guys will love him. He’s a good coach and he’s not as much of an asshole as he’s made out to be. He’s going to bring discipline and toughness to the Canucks. Don’t worry, you’ll still score goals. Gaborik had 2 of his 3 best seasons under Torts, and Nash had one of his best seasons under him last year.

by BlueSinceBirth18 on Jun 21, 2013 | 3:08 PM

Don’t worry friends. You guys got yourself a great coach today. He is not the asshole everyone makes him out to be. He is rough with the media because he doesn’t hold punches. He tells it like it is and does not sugar coat. He simply wore out over here is all. He’s got a short shelf life which is actually a good thing for you guys. He’s the type of guy you HATE when he is someone else’s but you’ll love him when he’s yours. You got a great coach and you’ll get a great show as well. You did very good here.

by Hockey_Man84 on Jun 21, 2013 | 5:26 PM

A big thank you to the Rangers fans that chimed in. Love the perspective.

You know what I think, Canucks fans? With John Tortorella at the helm, the Cup window is NOT closed. That's all I have to say about that.

Hope my spin gave you more insight on Tortorella. Mike Gillis preached "RESET" at the end of the season...this might be the biggest reset of all.